A Plea for Pestilens

Just a short post today – a single model and a little chat about the Clans Pestilens…


First off, I got round to doing this little chap over the weekend – the Plague Priest from the Plague Furnace, sans furnace.

Now a plea.

In Fantasy Battle, you could get away with having just a single Plague Priest. But with the rise of Pestilens in Age of Sigmar… not so much. In fact, we have a battle coming up where you really need four (or, better, five) Plague Priests, as they all get together to enact a ritual.

However, these are also major personalities within the Clans Pestilens, so you don’t want to repeat the same model over and again. Right now we have an old Finecast model and the chap above from the Plague Furnace – and to get him you have to pick up the Screaming Bell, not build it as a Furnace, and steal the priest for your Pestilens force.

Please, please GW, can we have more Plague Priests? Just one plastic clamshell rat would do. I mean, seriously, the Stormcast get two Heraldors and the rats have no plague love? There are three Exalted Deathbringers to choose from at the moment, and a Gorechosen can only ever have one.

So come on, GW, do the decent thing, and give us a proper plastic Plague Priest.


7 Responses to “A Plea for Pestilens”

  1. pascualanaya Says:

    Come on! Show us your conversion skills πŸ˜‰

  2. beastsofnurgle Says:

    You could use the old Lord Skrolk model if you could get your hands on it?

  3. Circus of Paint Says:

    Could they give us decent Plague Monks at the same time?

    That’s the main reason I bought the Pestilens Battletome and then never did anything with it.

  4. Remnante Says:

    The clam-pack grey seer makes a nice plague priest with a little work πŸ™‚

  5. Gothor21 Says:

    You could always pick up some of the OOP metal plague monks on eBay to use as plague priests. I even converted two from plastic monks when I had my Skaven army

  6. Battle Report – The Putrid Bog | A Tabletop Gamer's Diary Says:

    […] enough Priests to complete the ritual (Pestilens Skaven really need some more Heroes – see last post), but they will have a decent chance of getting far enough to turn the battlefield against the […]

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