Thunder & Lightning (very, very frightening)

It has been a bit of a slog, but I have finally finished the Thunder Echelon for the Stormcast Extremis Chamber.


I have to say, there is nothing inherently difficult or annoying with these models, but doing 24 of them over the past, what, three (should have been two) weeks… well, let’s just say that I won’t be looking to do any more of these for a long, long time.


That still leaves the two Stardrakes, of course. Under my original plan, they should have been completed this weekend alongside these guys, but I have stalled on those too. The bulk of the model is just fine – two tone skin on the drake itself is quick and easy to work up, and then it is just a case of the standard colours for armour, straps, cloth, etc. All very quick.

The issue rests of the wings – I can see that they are just going t be complete sods to do, so I have been trying to work my way up to doing them. Hasn’t worked yet, but I think I’ll take a crack at them on Wednesday evening. Once the wings are finished, the Stardrakes will be pretty much good to go!

Which will be just as well, as I am planning to use them in a game this weekend…


I have also made a start on Mannfred, Mortarch of Night. This is another model that is basically very simple/quick but has one sod of a job that can seriously knacker motivation. The problem here is that he has bright flaming skulls (easy to do, a few minutes work plus drying time) locked within a ‘cage’ of black bone – so, once the skulls are done, you then have to pick very careful around them with black, then be careful with the highlighting of the black.

Once that is done, the model will be a piece of cake (just a bit of armour on the Dread Abyssal and Mannfred himself, nothing complex there). It is just getting over that hump of the bones versus skulls…

So, the plan is to polish off the two Stardrakes midweek, then do Mannfred this weekend, along with some Black Knights and Grave Guard, which will go to building up the forces of Death nicely.

I have also already started on the next projects, a Gargant tribe and a bunch of Spiderfang Grots. That will make for a nice change of pace!


One Response to “Thunder & Lightning (very, very frightening)”

  1. Nessaiy Says:

    I like your color scheme 😉 Looks great in Purple/Blue and Gold

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