Rise of the Warhost

The guys have been beavering away on their new Space Marines armies for our Badab War campaign (my own Mantis Warriors are in progress too, really got to get cracking on them), but we figured we would get some ‘test’ games in before getting to Badab, as they are both fairly new to the game.

I figured I could use a Daemons of Chaos army, utilising the miniatures I have been building up for Age of Sigmar (got to love an army that is just right for both games!) but knew that they would want to ‘gang up’ on me for a big 3,000 point game. That would mean using my Craftworld Eldar but I was lacking a few models that would allow a proper Warhost at that level (I could do a 1,500 pointer, but there were some units I just had not got round to picking up).

This gave me a problem, as my Eldar are painted up old style, in a ‘get an army done in a week’ kind of way. And I don’t paint like that now. So, I presumed that new Aspect Warrior plastics are coming (might be fairly soon, as a new plastic Eldrad has just been leaked) and figured they could be done ‘new’ style, which would mean I could just phase-out/re-paint the Guardian stuff at that point. With that plan in mind, I cracked in with the new units with a kind of hybrid old-style/new-style approach.


Just a few units, but they took me a little longer than usual, a I was fitting them around the main Age of Sigmar projects.


I already have a Vyper for the Windrider Host, but I needed another for the Guardian Battlehost. This one has been kept cheap, but mounts a Bright lance for anti-tank duties.


This was the big unit I needed, and a tough one to pick up – GW does not supply Vaul’s Wrath batteries to retail and they never appear on eBay. So, for once in my life, I actually had to hand over some monies for these!

As for the choice of weapon, I cannot see they are anything but obvious. I am not a big fan of Webspinners unless I know I am going up against hordes (they are just a bit too situational) and I am not sure anyone in history has seriously taken Vibrocannon into battle. Which just leaves everyone’s favourite, the D-Cannon!

I am not expecting huge things from these guys in the battlefield. Their barrage is nice enough, but the range is limited. I am thinking of popping them up on a flank with a Warlock, preferably in colour, and just bombard anything that comes close. They should have a good chance of holding a flank almost by themselves, due to the fear of their D weapons.


I also wanted to field an Aspect Host, as I think this is possibly the most underrated formation in the standard Craftworld list. I already had some Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent, but wanted to pop six Fire Dragons in a Falcon for some serious anti-armour action. Terminators, Battlewagons, Super-heavies… doesn’t make much difference to these guys…


Finally, I popped one really mean unit in – a unit of Dark Reapers. The Aspect Host means they will be rocking to the battlefield with BS 5 and, as every Marine player knows, they are truly lethal. I popped the Starshot missiles in with them (it is the only way to be sure), bringing the likes of Rhinos and Dreadnoughts into their field – and woe betide anyone who tries using flyers!

I did actually paint up a few more of these guys, but only five will likely appear in the army, as they are hellishly expensive.

So, that polishes off my Eldar for the foreseeable future. Our game is this Friday (taking a very quick break from Age of Sigmar), and I’ll let you all know how it goes!


One Response to “Rise of the Warhost”

  1. Azazel Says:

    A nice looking, compact army. How many points does this come to?

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