The Betrayer: Mannfred, Mortarch of Night

Though we are only due to use him in one battle (at the moment), Mannfred has been popping up in the AoS fiction a fair bit, so I was looking forward to tackling the model – and last night, I finished him!


Overall, this is a very quick/easy model to do. The only real pain in the bum comes right at the start with all those skulls inside the Dread Abyssal’s body.


The skulls themselves, easy enough – paint them white (over a black undercoat), then use Cassandora Yellow and Fuegan Orange to ‘flame them up’, with a light drybrush of Yriel Yellow on top. Takes minutes.

However, you then have to repaint all those ribs and any areas that that you splashed over with the skulls, and that takes a bit of precision… and thus a bit of time.


Once that is complete, however, you are away. A bit of drybrushing on the Dread Abyssal (Skavenblight Dinge and – very lightly – Karak Stone), then the chest plate, and Ashigaroth is done!

That just leaves Mannfred himself.


His armour is an easy black (went with Dark Reaper then Fenrisian Grey for the highlights, to separate it from the Dread Abyssal), a crimson cloak, and then weapons and gold. For Mannfred’s skin, I did the same thing as with Neferata, using Rakarth Flesh/Reikland Fleshshade, with Rakarth and Pallid Wych for highlights. Gives a nice pasty, vampire-y feel.

Quite happy with this model overall, and I have begun work on some more minions for the Mortarch (Grave Guard, Black Knights and a mounted Wight King). However, a lot of this is to put off work on the two Stardrakes that will finish off the Extremis Chamber. The vast majority of these models is dead easy, following the same pattern as other Stormcasts, but the wings… ah, the wings. A gigantic pain, which I will share with you later this week. I finally cracked them, sort of, and I’ll go through the process soon enough.

On the building table, I have started on the forced of Destruction, with a (rather large – more than I intended!) Spiderfang Grot force, plus a complete tribe of Gargants. Been wanting to do a force of the latter since Age of Sigmar came out, so looking forward to those!


One Response to “The Betrayer: Mannfred, Mortarch of Night”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    A great model and paint job man

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