Extremis Complete!

Well, this little project took somewhat longer than I had intended (about twice as long) but, finally, I have finished the Extremis Chamber of the Hallowed Knights with the addition of two Stardrakes.


One with the Lord-Celestant, the other with a Drakesworn Templar. And yes, I realise that while with the complete Lightning and Thunder Echelons I did earlier, I am missing a Battalion in the form of the Drakesworn Temple but, you know, my heart is just not into doing another two Stardrakes!


So, what were these two chaps like to do?

Well, the initial work was very easy. Using a combination of the Dracoths in the Stormcast Painting Guide and paint schemes that are listed in the instruction book for this kit, most of the model was quick and simple. The Stardrake’s scales come first, a two-tone arrangement that is just based, shaded, then drybrushed – very quick, very effective.


Then comes all the normal Stormcast bits and pieces – silver armour, blue plate, brown straps, and gold. This is by now a very fast process for me (Stormcasts are quicker to paint than Space Marines!), and so was no issue at all. Honestly, I can do all that in my sleep (almost).

The problems arose with the wings. Why, oh why, did I decide that a really light-coloured membrane right next to a dark colour would be a good idea? You see, I am not the most precise painter in the world. In fact, I am kinda the opposite of that. So, the ribs in the wings got done at the same time as the rest of the scales, but when I come along to do the membrane, some paint inevitably gets splashed on the rib. So, no problem, I go back and tidy that up – and get green on the membrane. Tidy that up, and get paint on the rib again… repeat, repeat, repeat.


When I ‘finished’ them the first time round, in all seriousness, it looked like a five year old had attacked it. The wings just looked horrible.

In the end, I went over the ribs with Agrax Earthshade to create a ‘shadow’ and then tidied up the membranes once more, this time with the margin of error the Agrax provided. They are still by no means perfect, but they are at least functional now.


So, the decision has been made – no more Stardrakes! I believe the Hallowed Knights can live without a Drakesworn Temple (especially as I have already tried out a single unit of Dracothian Guard in Matched Play and they are mean!).

I am working on some Grave Guard and Black Knights this weekend (about half the base colours are already done) which will give me enough ‘normal’ undead to be getting on with for some time, I think. After that, it is all about Destruction as I dive into a tribe of Gargants and some Spiderfang Grots!



One Response to “Extremis Complete!”

  1. Michael Says:

    I really like the paintjob and your whole blog.

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