Deathly Elite

Just in time for the conclusion of our Clash of Wills campaign, I have polished off some more elite units for my growing deathly horde…


Black Knights were first up and, it has to be said after reading their entry in the Grand Alliance book, these guys do not exactly look ‘elite’. There is a thought in Age of Sigmar that mounts tend to be a lot more damaging than the guys riding them and never was that more true than for this unit.


Still, they look nice enough and will give the forces of Death a healthy dose of mobility (although what they will achieve once they meet the enemy is more of a debate). Painting-wise, I did the Black Knights in the same colours as my Skeleton Warriors, linking everything into one look.


Of course, I needed someone to lead the Black Knights, so I painted up the Wight King on Skeletal Steed. This is very much an older model, and it looks it – the horse is noticeably smaller than those of the Black Knights (in fact it looks like the Wight King is so heavy he is causing the steed to sag), and the rider is bolt upright, a fairly odd pose. So, not brilliant, but it does the job.

The Wight King is also useful on the battlefield and putting him on a steed will mean his coverage (and buffing) of Death units will be a lot more flexible.


Next up are the real elite, the Grave Guard. I get the impression that these chaps can really ruin someone’s day, and I did them in a big block of 30 models. They do not kick out quite as many attacks as a large mob of Skeleton Warriors, but their Rend and chance to get double damage should more than make up for that.


Again, they used the same colours as the Skeleton Warriors, so they all look as though they very much come from the same army.


Finally, my first models from the Flesh-eater Court. I am not looking at doing the full army for some time yet, but I picked these three Crypt Horrors from eBay, already constructed and based. I had been humming and harring about what paint scheme to use and ended up plumping for one of those on the back of the Crypt Flayers box set. The result (Celestra Grey base, Colehia Greenshade wash, drybrushed with Nurgling Green then Screaming Skull) is extremely quick to paint and I now have no fear about doing large numbers of these (seriously, would not even think twice about doing 40-odd Crypt Ghoul in one go).


The only areas of detail are the bones (Zandri/Agrax/Screaming Skull), claws (Abaddon Black with Skavenblight Dinge) and the blood patches which uses, of course, Blood for the Blood God. Keep that thin as you move up the arms and you will get a decent effect.

I am going to take a short break from dead people, with a number of interesting projects already in progress or about to start.

The big project are my Spiderfang Grots – what started as a small force has (through some ‘accidental’ eBay purchases) turned into quite an army, with 40 Spider Riders, plus two Arachnaroks and a Boss on Gigantic Spider. May take me a couple of weeks or so to get through them, especially as I still have no idea what colour to actually do the spiders…

Alongside those I am also (finally!) doing my tribe of Aleguzzler Gargants. I have been wanting to do this army ever since Age of Sigmar came out, and now it is finally going to happen!

Other than that, I am still poking around with Mantis Warriors for 40k and, back to Age of Sigmar, I have begun work on a brand new Stormhost.

Because, you know, one Stormhost is juts not enough…


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