A New Army for Destruction

Managed to paint a whole new army this weekend, though it is a little less impressive when you consider it consists of just five model! Anyway, this is a force I have been wanting to do since Age of Sigmar first came out – a whole tribe of Aleguzzler Gargants. After all, what is not to like about a bunch of drunken giants, stumbling and flailing their way across the battlefield, with any casualties caused against the enemy purely coincidental!


I had thought these guys might require no little effort to put together and paint, but they ended up being very quick and easy to tackle.


They are based upon the Sons of Behemat battalion from the Godbeasts book, and they looked like just too much fun not to do! In fact, as well as appearing in the campaign in the near future, I am trying to find a GW event now that will allow their appearance (should be in a couple of months or so!).


These were all eBay purchases, and all but one of them came pre-built, making things both cheaper and easier.


This one is the king of the tribe – you can tell he is important as he has the biggest weapon (the archway attached to a thick chain) and a crown!


And this one is probably the junior, as the others have made him carry all the supplies!


Painting-wise, they are dead easy – the skin comes first, then the brown leggings. That completes about 80% of the model!  Everything after that is just detail, such as the wood, bones, metal bits and the odd cow. Simples!



9 Responses to “A New Army for Destruction”

  1. Circus of Paint Says:

    Aww, now I want to do a Chaos Gargant…

    *resisting urge*

  2. Admin Says:

    Great models, I’ll be putting one together for my Chaos/Slaves to Darkness army soon. What size of base is that? I think the kits still come with squares, but I’ll use an oval one.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Is it that the hand of a Mourngul?

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