Mantis Warrior Infantry

A while ago, I mentioned that we were looking at delving into the Badab War, and that I had been picked to play the Secessionists. Painting on this front has been slower than normal (though the pace has been well matched by the two Loyalist chapters, the Salamanders and Marines Errant), but this weekend I finally finished all the infantry needed for a basic 1,500 point army.


The two Tactical Squads and one of the Librarians are the ‘core’ units of this force, but I had a Captain and two other Librarians lying around so I threw them into the mix too – always good to have some variation down the line.


As with most marine chapters, the Mantis Warriors are fairly easy to tackle. Start off with a base of Castellan Green, wash with Nuln Oil, then drybrush Loren Forest and Straken Green. After that, the weapons and eagles/skulls/backpacks, before moving onto the shoulder pads – these are just Averland Sunset with a light layering of Yriel Yellow. The eyes and targeters are Runefang Silver under Spiritstone Red, for that shiny bright feel.

Then comes the transfers. I was (briefly) contemplating doing the chapter symbols by hand but that would blow right past my Talent Limit. However, I was pointed to an eBay seller who does transfer sheets for lots of marine chapters, including the Mantis Warriors. One purchase later, and the left shoulder pad was sorted.

The problems arose again with the right shoulder pad. You see, all the Codex squad symbols are in white, and that just won’t work on bright yellow. In the end, I managed to find decent black squad markings on the Death Guard transfer sheet from Forge World. Grabbed those, and the infantry was done!

This particular squad is equipped to face all-comers. The Meltagun is good for enemy marines and vehicles in equal measure, while the Plasma Cannon will sort even Terminators out. The Sergeant’s Power Sword is intended to crack the power armour of many a Loyalist marine…


The second Tactical Squad (I actually numbered them squads three and four, to give me room for possible veterans in the future) is more of a fast-moving, take an objective kind of deal (both squads will have Rhinos). The Sergeant’s chainsword keeps things cheap, allowing him to rely upon the Graviton weaponry carried by his squad.


The Captain was lying at the bottom of my bits box, more or less intact, and I have not really optimised his weaponry to any great degree. The Power Sword allows him to go toe-to-toe with enemy marines, but for serious work the Storm Bolter might not be the best choice. His mechanical left arm shows he has bionics but, honestly, I only kept that on him because it looked cool (bionics not a brilliant use of points, in general).


Finally, the Librarians. The guy with the Force Sword was my pick to lead the 1,500 point army in most instances, though the one with the Force Axe will be on standby to crack Terminators. The Terminator Librarian I managed to scavenge off eBay, and no doubt he will make an appearance in some of the boarding action missions we are planning for the first phase of the war.

So, what is next?

Well, I have the vehicles to polish off for the 1,500 point army and then we will be good to start fighting! These include the two Rhinos for the Tactical Squads, two Dreadnoughts, two Land Speeders, a Stormraven, and a squadron of three Vindicators.

Beyond that, I think Terminators are going to be a necessity, along with a Land Raider (Redeemer, by choice)  to cart them about when they are not teleporting onto a ship.

Looking further ahead, I fully intend to tackle the Tyrant’s Legion, and I think some Guardsmen might not go amiss to stymie the vile so-called Loyalists when they start landing on our planets. Plus some Naval air support.

We are in no rush to get through this campaign, so I suspect we will be playing for some time – long enough to get these forces together, at any rate!


4 Responses to “Mantis Warrior Infantry”

  1. Ross Says:

    It sure makes me laugh when you say the progress has been slow! If my output was half of yours I’d be over the moon! Beautiful work as always dude.

  2. sonictape Says:

    Brilliant looking force you’re assembling. I’ve been looking for the decals but not having much luck. So you have a link to them as I hate free handing that symbol.

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