This is a model I kinda had pegged to do, but had put off for quite a while. First off, it is £35 from Forge World, and that is a fair whack for a single model. Second, every colour scheme I had seen for it was grey in colour and I wanted it to fit in with the rest of my Nighthaunts which are the pale/ghostly green. But somehow, it did not seem quite right…

The two breakthroughs were a) a cheap purchase on eBay and b) seeing a picture of a Mourngul done in exactly the ghostly green I was looking for. So armed, I figured it would be a very quick model to do (I was right!), and managed to finish it off alongside some other models as a kind of ‘side’ project.


The Mourngul really is quick and easy to do – base it Corax White and then Celestra Grey, then give it a Biel-Tan wash, followed by drybrushes of Ulthuan Grey and Ceramite White.


That makes the model practically done! Some quick work on the mouth and horse polishes it off (Blood for the Blood God was used on the entrails of the horse and the claw marks around its neck).


I haven’t tried the Mourngul out on battle yet, but one glance at its Warscroll shows how mean it is. It weighs in at 400 points under the Matched Play system but, for that, you get a 3+ Save that is immune to Rend, a 4+ save against mortal wounds, backed up by 8 Wounds, plus it heals D3 wounds whenever it kills something – all that makes it a very tough monster to kill.

On the attack, its 12″ flying move means it can get to pretty much wherever it needs to go, and its 8 attacks (generating more attacks on a hit roll of a 6) hit and wound on a 3+, come with Rend -2, and do 2 Damage each.

Added to that, it reduces the hit rolls of every enemy unit close, by -2 if they have Bravery 6 or less (which is most units in the game).

Overall, a potent little beastie!


One Response to “Mourngul”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Wicked. The Mourngul is a beast.

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