The Stark Hammers

Though the Hallowed Knights are coming on nicely, I had been debating about doing another Stormhost for some time – partly because forces of two combined Stormhosts pop up in the Age of Sigmar storyline fairly regularly, and partly because a bit of variation is, well, interesting!

So, I had picked up a few Stormcasts with the intention of doing something with them at some point and, last week, I finally got the inspiration.

Like some other models I have done, the idea for the colour scheme was shamelessly ripped off from elsewhere on the Internet (in this case the Age of Sigmar Fans Facebook page) but I can finally present the first models from the Ironmen Warrior Chamber of the Stark Hammers, led by Tonius Ironman (though I haven’t done him yet – waiting for a new Lord-Celestant model to appear…).


I am not going to go mad with these guys – just a few units to support the Hallowed Knights from time to time, probably starting with some of the battles in the Godbeasts book. I used the opportunity to put the variant Heraldor in, as well as a Vexillor with the banner rather than the icon. A second Lord-Relictor is needed for one of the upcoming battles, so he went in as well!

The only models I am planning to add right now are a single unit of Retributors, but the Stark Hammers will probably become the repository for all ‘variant’ models, like the Heraldor.


As with just about all Stormcast colour schemes, this one is very, very easy (and quick!) to do. They start with a base of Mephiston Red, get a Nuln Oil wash, and then highlighted with Mephiston again before a final touch of Evil Sunz Scarlet.


After that, the metal and scroll work follow (the scrolls are Zandri Dust with a Nuln Oil wash, highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh).


The last major job is the gold, using the normal Retributor Armour/Reikland Fleshshade/Liberator Gold scheme. Then the black items – weapon handles, hair pieces and leather.


The Vexillor in particular came nicely in this scheme, which gives hope for the forthcoming Retributors.


And the Lord-Relictor!

This weekend we had a bit of a joint painting session and while the guys worked on their Badab War models, I got stuck into my Spiderfang Grots – and got through a lot more than I expected!

In the end, I managed to do all the base colours, shading and highlighting on the major areas of forty (!) Spider Riders, leaving just the detailing to do. I probably won’t get that done on so many models during the week, but I believe I can get them all done this coming weekend and, with a Big Boss on Gigantic Spider also in an advance stage if completion, I will just have the two Arachnaroks to polish off to complete the army, which shiould also have a decent amount done to them by the end of the weekend.

Just in time for their first battle in two to three weeks time!




One Response to “The Stark Hammers”

  1. Stephen Green Says:

    Your models are great, and I cannot believe how quickly you get everything done. Really good work!

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