Mantis Warriors Continue

While I have still not completed the vehicles I am intending for my ‘basic’ 1500 point Mantis Warrior force (just a couple of bits and pieces left to do on them though!), I have managed to finish off the two Dreadnoughts, plus I popped in a handful of Terminators.


Beginning to look like a fairly strong army!


The Terminators were an eBay purchase and not really organised into too much of a sensible squad, so these guys might well not end up fighting together – as I pick up some more, they will get drafted into suitable squads. However, I think these chaps have turned out quite well and the transfers are looking good on them!

Incidentally, in the past I have messed around with various liquids that promise to ‘seal’ transfers and almost make them look as if they are painted on – to date, I have found nothing that works better than (of all things) Lahmian Medium. Probably a bit cheaper than some of the others too!


Then there are the two heavyweights, the Dreadnoughts. The first is just bog standard, I nice way to get a walking Multimelta into the game that will, in the very least, provide a threat to any Rhinos and their equivalents that come into range.


And finally, the long-ranged hitter that does pretty much the same job but with a twin-linked Lascannon.

The next update you see for the Mantis Warriors should be a bunch of Rhinos, Vindicators, Land Speeders and a Stormraven!


2 Responses to “Mantis Warriors Continue”

  1. meathead595 Says:

    I read these everyday – And these are coming along very nicely! I personally think that an ironclad dreadnought would look great in an army like this 🙂

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