The Errant-Questor

Games Workshop recently released their first Warhammer World-exclusive model for Age of Sigmar, meaning you have to take a trip up to Nottingham to grab it (or pay well over the odds on eBay – £20 in Nottingham, about £30-odd on eBay). I did the former last weekend, and finished painting him up last night!


Like all Stormcasts, he is dead quick to do and, you will notice, this is the first Stormcast model to have a bare head.


Aside from that, there is absolutely nothing complicated with this model at all, and now I am thinking I should have perhaps picked up another for the Stark Hammers…


This is a plastic model, and it comes in its own box rather than a clamshell – even though this must be a very limited run model, Games Workshop has not skimped on it in any way.


It also comes with a full colour instruction booklet, complete with game rules and a Pitched Battle Profile meaning you can use him in Matched Play.

So, what is he like in the game?

Well, 140 points buys you a Leader model with a 3+ Save and 5 Wounds, like many Stormcast heroes. His Rune-etched Blade has three attacks, Rend and kicks out D3 damage – so, he is not the be-all-and-end-all, but a perfectly respectable Hero all round.

However, it is his three Abilities that make the Errant-Questor stand out.

Relentless Purpose allows him to re-roll all failed charges – useful for any Hero as you always get a moment when they just cannot be bothered to get into a fight.

The Oathsworn ability has you declare an oath the Errant-Questor has taken before the game starts. This will result in him protecting another Hero (lumping their wounds onto the Errant-Questor instead), picking an enemy Hero and getting to re-roll all failed hits and wounds (making him a nice little assassin), or just adding +1 Attacks for every ten enemy models he kills. This latter could be all sorts of fun, though it is unlikely to get hugely high in an average game. You would be very lucky to get to 20 models dead (giving you a total of 5 Attacks) though, of course, it will get easier the more models he slays!

Finally, until his oath is complete, the Errabnt-Questor ignores all Rend. Which is very nice.

As for how he fits into the Stormhosts and what his actual role on the battlefield is… no idea! I have not seen any ‘fluff’ written for him, nor is any provided in the box. We’ll just have to wait for him to pop up in one of the books!


3 Responses to “The Errant-Questor”

  1. Eric Doty Says:

    Does he hit and wound on 3’s by chance???

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