Spiderfang Grots

New week, new army!


Seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment with the forces of Destruction (won’t last, but will be diving back into them soon enough), with the appearance of the Spiderfang Grots. These guys will take part in battle for the first time with a Battleplan from the Everchosen book, but their main showing will be coming up in Godbeasts.

I thought these would really be a drag and I had not intended to do forty of the little buggers (was originally planning on twenty but, umm, eBay happened) but, as it turned out, they were fairly quick to go through, helped in no small part by a dedicated painting day in the office when the chaps came round and did their Dark Elves & Space Marines.

I somewhat agonised over the colour scheme of the spiders themselves but in the end went for an easy but poisonous-looking black with yellow detail.


After that, everything was fairly… standard really.


The only real purchase made for this army was the Big Boss on Gigantic Spider, who I just could not get hold of on eBay, so a GW mail order had to be made.


I wanted him looking a little different, so his spider is an off-white.

I do have two Arachnaroks on the painting table right now – the original plan was to get them done this weekend (they are big models, but there is not a huge amount of detail work, so they are fairly quick models to do), but despite getting them started I was concentrating more on The Plan.


The Plan

As regular visitors will know, we have been playing through the Realmgate Wars campaign, as printed by GW in their various books. However, it is starting to get a bit silly.

At the beginning of this year, we had about 20-odd Battleplans on our List of Games to Play. Decent enough, something to aim for, just the odd model (army) here and there to get ready to play.

Today, that lists stands at about 50-odd Battleplans to play. And that is with us playing an average of about a game a week. Put another way, the sheer speed at which GW had been doing Battleplans makes, I think, what we are doing utterly impossible for anyone who does not paint and play GW models on a full-time basis.

And some of us have to work for a living.

However, are we just going to lay our paint brushes to one side and give up? Not a bit of it!

I instead instigated The Plan.

Basically, I figured out that if we started Godbeasts fairly soon and played one game a week as per normal (adding in the new battles from the Ironwarp Citadel book too), then it would basically be Christmas before we got round to finishing it. And that is not even the ‘current’ campaign book, as All-Gates is out, we have a bunch of battles fom the Battletomes to go through, and I don’t trust GW not to release yet another campaign book before year’s end!

So, I figured, let’s concentrate on the models needed for Godbeasts, knuckle down, and get those puppies on the table! That done, we can probably fit in more than one battle per week on average – but only if we have the models ready.

This weekend, I gathered all the necessary models together (yeah, there might be more than I had originally thought…) and started putting them together. I also lumped in some models from the fights in the Battletomes, plus a few more that could easily be painted alongside the Godbeasts lot because, you know, I just cannot help make life a bit more difficult for myself.

Thew list is actually not that bad, if you look at it in a certain light. I mean, sure, there are three Ghorgons and a Cygor to do, but they are not that bad (or time consuming). The biggest block will be the sixty-odd Flagellants from the Devoted of Sigmar force, but I have been looking forward to doing them anyway. And there are some real highlights on the way too – a brand new Daemon Prince of Nurgle (from the Horus Heresy range), the War Altar of Sigmar, and Skaarac, the new mega-Khorgorath.

I have all the models I need, managed to get about half of them put together over the weekend. Stand by for some intense painting!


5 Responses to “Spiderfang Grots”

  1. meathead595 Says:

    They look amazing mate! I know it might not be in realmgate (Or it might be, I honestly do not know) you should get and paint one of those massive spiders with the multiple goblins on top (I cant remember the name off of my head) Even if it isn’t in the realmgate battle plan, I think when showing it off in a show (If you do that stuff, AND IF YOU DONT – YOU SHOULD) . I have one with my spider riders and it just gives it that extra model but the model is really effective. I can’t really express in words just how good it looks!

  2. Jules Says:

    I have to say that your blog is the number one best endorsement of Age of Sigmar I’ve seen out there. Your models, scenario play and the rate at which you get stuff painted is inspirational. Also, the Battletome reviews are ace!

  3. Gregory Romans Says:

    Good job – really enjoy your Blog and reports. Keeps me enthused. If you could recommend any battleplan (or top 5) which one(s) would it be.

    • altsain Says:

      Well, everyone seems to recommend The Ritual but, to be honest… I don’t think I have come across a bum one yet! Would probably recommend you pick a handful and simply play through them!

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