Spiderfang, Sylvaneth, Flesh-Eaters & Fyreslayers

I didn’t realise it was a Bank Holiday weekend until Friday night – but I rallied quickly and decided to make a real start on The Plan (the great endeavour to get through more than half the remaining games in our campaign before the end of the year…).

And the results were not too bad at all, seeing as I ended up taking a fairly lazy approach.

First up… The Arachnarok Spiders needed to fill out my Spiderfang Grots and give them some real punch (seeing as their first battle will be against Archaon and his boys, they will need it!).


I went through quite a mental journey trying to decide what colour to paint these bugs but, in the end I kept it very simple because a) they link right in with the small spiders in the force and b) I don’t have a real passion for this force at all (yet), and wanted to crack on with other things.


The first Arachnarok was an exercise in simplicity – black base, drybrushed with Skavenblight and Administratum Greys, with boney bits. The eyes and underside were done with a Khorne Red base.


A bit more time was spent on the Arachnarok carrying the Spiderfang Shaman, though the spider itself was done in the same way to the first, with just the branch it is climbing over added to it (which, seeing as I was painting Sylvaneth at the same time, fitted in well to the painting schedule!).


This was a pre-built eBay purchase (as was the rest of this army, making a very, very cheap force overall), so one or two of the Grots on board look as though they are a bit drunk, but it is suitably webby and spidery to form a centre piece for the force as a whole.


After the spiders, I cracked on with some additions to the Flesh-Eater Court. This army is still in its infancy, but it is dead simple to paint and very, very fast. I have two Terrorgheists on my standby shelf at the moment (one with a Ghoul King) but, as those two models are probably the most complex of the force, I will likely fly through this army once they are done.

The Ghouls are done the same way as the Crypt Horrors in a previous post but, funnily enough, seem to take just a tad longer – they have more skull and bone work than their big brothers, which makes a difference (not a huge one though, don’t let that put you off doing these guys).


I also managed to do enough Crypt Ghast Courtiers to last me for a much larger force than I am planning (looking to top out at 60-odd Ghouls and 12-18 Crypt Flayers/Horrors). The skeleton on their backs marks them out from the rest of the Ghouls, but I made them a tad bloodier to be on the safe side…


A quick shout-out to the Fyreslayers – these were going to be two new units of Vulkite and Hearthguard Berzerkers but, in the end, I decided they would simply be added to existing units (both Berzerkers are served well when they take to the field in larger units).


Finally, some of the new Sylvaneth!


The Kurnoth Hunters were probably the easiest models to paint in this group (mirroring the Flesh-Eater Courts, with the Horrors easier to paint than the smaller Ghouls) and I more or less followed the Sylvaneth Painting Guide, though I started with a black undercoat so used Death World Forest on the green bark rather than applying a shade straight onto a white undercoat as they suggest.


Conversely, the Tree-Revenants were the most time-consuming, though not by a great deal. The ‘energy/spirit’ weapons, incidentally, are simply Waywatcher Green applied over a Celestra Grey base. Simples!


Finally, the Branchwych. I am particularly happy at how her face turned out, the two-stage drybrushing (Ogryn Camo followed by Underhive Ash) working well to bring out all the details.

That is just what I managed to get finished – on the painting table right now are three Ghorgons, a Cygor, a smattering of Devoted of Sigmar, and a brand new Daemon Prince (with the aforementioned Terrorgheists ready to dive in as soon as there is space). Hoping to get pretty much all of that done by this time next week (ish)!


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