Daemon Prince of Nurgle

In the Godbeasts campaign, there is a battle involving a fight with an army led by four Daemon Princes, one for each of the major daemonic powers. I already had Khorne, Slaanesh and Tzeentch covered, but  Nurgle obviously needed filling. However, I did not want to use the standard plastic kit for this, as I had already done so for two of the others (and the older metal one for another), and Daemon Princes should be fairly unique.

Having made the decision to use the Samus model from Forge World for the Khornate prince, I decided to use the related Cor’Bax model for Nurgle – after all, a Daemon Prince of Nurgle should be a bit larger and more… gribbly.


Despite being your typical Forge World model, this one is dead easy to paint. I started off with a XV-88 base coat, followed by an all-over Sepia wash. Drybrush a couple of shades on, and 90% of the model is done!


The rest is just a case of details, and none of these are particularly arduous. I went to town with both Nurgle’s Rot and Blood for the Blood God to cover the boils and lesions, while the tentacles had a Bugman’s Glow base and finished off with a coat of gloss ‘Ard Coat to make them, well, gribbly!

Then it was just a case of going over the likes of fungi, tongue and a couple of Nurglings – nothing complicated about it at all!


When we come to use this model (and the Samus Daemon Prince, given its great size) in a battle, I think we will use the same trick we pull on the Forge World Great Unclean One – simply double the number of Wounds, along with the size of the ‘wound brackets’. This will make the model much more survivable and give it suitable gravitas on the table.


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