The Warherd Arrives

I have been continuing with The Plan – an effort to put together all the models required for the Godbeasts campaign so I can just blast through all the painting. And it seems to be working, at least up to now! Got a fair bit done last weekend, and this weekend was not bad either.

In the campaign, there is a battle between a Warherd (all the really big guys from the Beastmen) and Devoted of Sigmar (nutters living in a cave who nonetheless are still faithful to the God-King). I already had a little clutch of Bullgors, but needed to add some more, along with the really big chaps.


As it turns out, there is a lot of surface area on these models! However, that said, they were not difficult or time-consuming in the least. In fact, the Bullgors are positively speedy, and I would have been quite comfortable doing another unit or two!


The Ghorgons are the real heavy-hitters, and three of them are never to be sniffed at. In terms of painting, they used exactly the same scheme as the rest of my Beastmen (doing all base colours – Bugman’s Glow for skin, Mournfang Brown for fur, Zandri for bones/horns, and Leadbelcher for metal – before drybrushing the fur with Tyrant’s Skull and washing everything in Agrax, before applying highlights and black cloth), and so not only look suitably grungy but are quick to do.


I am not sure how the planned battle is going to go, as they look awfully large alongside the Devoted of Sigmar – but should be fun nonetheless!


The Bullgors, as I said, are super-fast to do – possibly quicker to paint than the smaller Beastmen!


I popped in a Cygor too – he appears much later in the Godbeasts campaign but being so similar, it made sense to do him at the same time as the other three.


If anything, he was even easier than the Ghorgons – four arms is not an advantage when it comes to painting!


While I also cracked on with twenty-odd Flagellants to kick off the Devoted of Sigmar force (planning to end up with about sixty), I did get the leaders completed, three Warrior Priests.


None of these are ‘current’ models in the GW range and, in fact, the one above actually comes from the old Warhammer Quest!


For their paint scheme, I choose to ape the Hallowed Knights, figuring they would be fans of Sigmar’s finest. So, the blue is exactly the same shade as the Stormcasts (Cantor base, Nuln wash, then highlight with Cantor and Calgar). For the gold though, I went with the extra-shiny style (Retributor and Liberator) because, well, they are proud little priests!


I have quite a few Flagellants to do, but they are not time-consuming in any way, and I will be adding a War Altar too (been looking forward to doing that model since Age of Sigmar came out!).

However, the priority at the moment is with a mixture of dead people (a couple of Terrorgheists, Necromancers and the odd Vampire) and Skaven (Clan Skryre getting some reinforcements). Had planned to get most of that done this coming weekend, but we have moved up the timetable on the 40k Badab War campaign, and so this week may be spent polishing off the last models needed for that…


One Response to “The Warherd Arrives”

  1. dialhforhouston Says:

    Devoted of Sigmar? I haven’t really been following Age of Sigmar, but it’s nice to see a more ‘human’ faction get fluff or whatever, instead of another chapter of Space Marines– er, sorry, Sigmarites. 🙂

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