Bloab Rotspawned

The Plan forges ahead, and I finished off another of the three Nurgle models needed for the Godbeasts campaign (the first was the Daemon Prince, the next will be a War Shrine). This time, it was the turn of a new Maggoth Lord, Bloab Rotspawned.


This guy has an interesting job in the Godbeasts campaign, as he is the herald of Nurgle’s plan to begin pacifying the Realm of Fire. However, as it turns out, both Khorne and Archaon are going to have something to say about that…


Painting-wise, this model is dead simple – the Maggoth gets a Rakarth base, washed over with Sepia, followed by a heavy-drybrushing of Screaming Skull. The green gribbly bits are simply a little Waywatcher Green worked into the cracks – that’s all!

The horns are Death World Forest, washed with Agrax and then with Rhinox Hide added to the ends. A couple of Agrax washes on those bits blends the Rhinox into the green (the big horn at the back is a better demonstration of that, rather than the one at the front, which is a bit heavy-handed).

Looking forward to seeing how he does on the field, though I think a certain Knight-Venator is going to want to have a word with him…



2 Responses to “Bloab Rotspawned”

  1. M Says:

    One question: how did you paint bloab’s body. The off yellow is quite hard to see what colours and shades are used.
    Thanks, M

    • altsain Says:

      Ack, that is going back quite a bit! I _think_ is was XV88 with a Sepia wash, then highlight Balor Brown then Zameshi Desert. If that is not exact, it will be very, very close (the Citadel Painting System guide is your friend!).

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