Flesh-Eating Royalty

Despite the Badab War beginning to rage in the 40k universe, I have not been idle with Age of Sigmar, and the painting table has been quite busy! This weekend, I managed to finish off the two ‘hardest’ models for the Flesh-Eater Court, the Terrorgheists.


I should say, these are not exactly difficult models. While the gribbly bits inside the rib cage can be a trifle fiddly to get to, these models use a very limited pallet – they are basically just bone, dried skin and exposed muscle. Add the rocks on the base, and that is pretty much it!


The Ghoul King too was a cinch, starting with a Skavenblight Dinge base, washed with Nuln Oil. I then just did successive drybrushes, building up through Skavenblight, Dark Reaper, Fenrisian Grey, with a light touch of Blue Horror to pick out the last highlights. Add the bony bits, loincloth and blood on his chin/claws, and it was job done.


The real reason I say these models are the most difficult in the army is because the rest of the force is so easy to do. If you are looking for a force that has fun rules, is lightning fast to get through despite having a fair horde, and has really cool background (they are all so mad that they think they are Bretonnians in shining armour!), then the Flesh-Eater Courts may be just the army for you.


Start with a small unit (say three Crypt Horrors, or maybe push the boat out a little and do twenty Crypt Ghouls) to show yourself how easy they are and get confidence, then do a Terrorgheist (or two!). I promise you, everything will be downhill from there!

Right now, the painting table has the very last models for the Godbeasts campaign to do, but I have already got the boxes for the rest of the Flesh-Eater Court lined up to crack on afterwards alongside the new Sylvaneth!


2 Responses to “Flesh-Eating Royalty”

  1. Carl Hendrickson Says:

    Fantastic work! These are the first miniatures I have seen that I would describe as disturbing…..very disturbing.

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