White Dwarf and the White Dwarf

White Dwarf has completely changed its format, going from the weekly pamphlet to a big, thick 148 page monthly, from a set of adverts with the odd hobby article to a full blown hobby support mechanism. I wasn’t going to review it (and, unless you pay a premium on eBay, you might have trouble finding a copy now – it was very popular), but within they provided full rules and a painting guide to the White Dwarf, Grombrindal himself – as I painted him up, I thought it might be an idea to take a peek at the magazine too!


The magazine itself has GW’s normal very high production values and while it lists new products for sale (of course it does, just not realistic to think otherwise), there is a great deal of ‘meat’ in this issue – and that is before you get to the free Slaughterpriest on the front cover!

As for the hobby material, you are going to find something to interest you in this issue, no matter what Warhammer universe you are currently fighting in.

A Tale of Four Warlords: Veterans will remember the old army-building articles where GW staffers would paint up a unit or two every month and then have a big fight at the end, and this classic returns to this issue, concentrating on Age of Sigmar and the Start Collecting box sets.

Kill Team Excis: A brand new Kill Team for Deathwatch: Overkill.

Power Down: New rules (for ductways) and mission for Space Hulk. Reminds me, I really need to get back into this game…

Alternate Histories: Varying the missions in Betrayal at Calth, plus a Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought.

Lost Patrol: Scouts keep getting killed? Try using Terminators with these new rules.

Daemonic Incursion: Using daemons in Execution Force, plus new Achievements.

Gorechosen: Two new characters for the game that has not even come out yet (rather looking forward to it, after seeing the preview), and they are not messing around – they have added Skarr Bloodwrath and Valkia the Bloody!

Grombrindal: Rules have been created for the White Dwarf in both Warhammer Quest and Age of Sigmar!

Deathwatch: Full rules for using the Deathwatch’s Corvus Blackstar in Stormcloud Attack.

The Brimfire Ritual: A full battle report for Age of Sigmar and, I have to say, it is good to see he Knight-Venator being useless in someone else’s hands too!

Plus all the usual background articles (including quite an extensive one on Imperial Knights), painted models (both GW and readers), and interviews.

I have to say, if White Dwarf continues in this vein, GW is going to have a right winner on their hands.

And it certainly made an impression on this gamer, enough for me to splash out on this chap:


Grombrindal, the White Dwarf!

It uses the old Slayer model from the Fantasy Battle range but, as it says in this month’s White Dwarf (with a little tongue in the cheek), if you paint him up using the painting guide they provide, you get to use his rules as Grombrindal (and they are quite nice!).

As for painting him up following their instructions, it is simplicity itself – in fact, I completed the whole model, from start to finish, in one lazy evening. This is another project ideal for the talent-challenged like me and if you felt like having a crack at this model but did not feel your talent levels were up to the task, have a go. He really is an easy model to get to grips with…



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