Clan Skryre Arises

Continuing with The Plan (crunching through all the models needed for the Godbeasts campaign), the Skaven have received some attention of late, in the form of some serious support from the Clans Skryre.


In Godbeasts, there is a pure Skryre army (going to make the Skaven player happy!), so I finally got a proper leader together for them, the Arch-Warlock.


No more having to rely on a lowly Warlock Engineer!

This model was actually a bit of a sod to put together – the issue as with the forearm guard on his outstretched hand. No matter what I tried, it always left a gap. In the end, it sits a little higher than it is supposed to, and I got someone to fill it in with green stuff (thanks, Amy!).


Painting him, however, was a doddle. I effectively used the same paint scheme shown for Clanrats on Warhammer TV (thank you, Duncan), simply swapping red robes for yellow, the colour I chose for my Clan Skryre. I also, though you cannot see it with my photography, added the gloss ‘Ard Coat varnish to the vials at his belt and his eyes so they shine/sparkle. Really simple to do, but adds a certain something to the model!


After the Arch-Warlock comes the Doom Flayer, a model I have been wanting to do for a while, As it turns out, I need not have waited so long as this one was really quick to do as well (in fact few Skaven models hold fear for me now, as I ave their painting down pat – all based on the scheme/methods shown on Warhammer TV).

This is a Finecast model, but there were no issues in cleaning it up and putting it together. The only word of caution is perhaps to make sure you differentiate the metal, as there is a lot of it – I varied between dull silver and bronze, which seemed to be sufficient.


I already had one Ratling Gun – but as every good Warlock Engineer knows, you can never have too may. So, I acquired two more from a canny eBay purchase and duly added them to the force. There is now going to be a veritable hail of fire coming from the Clans Skryre!


Again, I already had a Poison Wind Mortar but there is no harm in a second, especially if you are already doing a group of Clans Skryre models (adding one more model to a batch really makes no difference in effort or time).

Once again I used ‘Ard Coat on the Warpstone gas-filled shells, making them look like they are made of glass.


I have saved the biggest and best for last. Clans Pestilens have been enjoying their Plagueclaw Catapult for nearly a year now, so it was time the Clans Skryre joined the arms race – enter the Warp Lightning Cannon!


I seem to recall the Plagueclaw being a bit of a pain to do, with all the little metal plates taking a fair amount of time, so I was dreading doing the cannon a little. As it turned out though, I flew through it – possible evidence that my painting skills (such as they are) have improved over the past year.

Certainly had enough practice – this Warp Lightning Cannon is model number 1,544 I have done for Age of Sigmar since the game was released. No, that is not a typo, I really have painted over fifteen hundred models for this game. And yes, I am quite, quite mad!

I am coming to the end of painting the last models for the Godbeasts campaign (which we will be starting very soon), with perhaps a couple more weeks of work left in the form of Devoted of Sigmar, a very large Khorgorath, and the odd Stormcast Paladin.

However, I did take a little time out to do some new scenery for Age of Sigmar, which I should be polishing off in a couple of days or so. It looks quite nice, so I’ll do a post when it is all ready!




2 Responses to “Clan Skryre Arises”

  1. meathead595 Says:

    That posion wind mortar looks amazing mate!

  2. Zeuso Says:

    Over 1,500 models since AoS was released! You sir, are A) A machine, B) An inspiration and C) Quite, quite mad 😉

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