Ruins of the Mortal Realms (Painting Guide)

After the flurry of initial releases, there has not been too much new stuff in the way of scenery for Age of Sigmar (I am trying very hard to ignore the Crucible box set that is currently sitting on a shelf, waiting patiently to be painted…), but Godbeasts has a painting guide for the Realmgate in Orb Infernia.

It looked very quick and easy to paint (no washes, just successive drybrushes in the main), so I gave it a whirl!


I would not call it awesome but, frankly, for something this quick to paint (ignoring the drying time, which is minimal and only really present on the first coat of orange) you just cannot beat it. In fact, I would go as far to say that even if you are more art talent-challenged than me (such a person is hard to imagine), you will fly through this and have a decent looking Realmgate on your table in no time.

The steps really are just this:

  1. Spray Black undercoat.
  2. Drybrush the whole thing with Khorne Red (quite a heavy drybrush).
  3. Drybrush the whole thing with Evil Sunz Scarlet.
  4. Drybrush the murals and skulls with Screaming Skull.
  5. Paint the flames Troll Slayer Orange.
  6. Drybrush the flames towards the centre with Yriel Yellow.
  7. Drybrush the flames a little further towards the centre with Dorn Yellow.

That really is all there is to it! Perhaps 30 minutes work, tops.


However, I was not going to add just one piece of scenery, surely? It just so happened that someone bought me a box of Arcane Ruins for my birthday last year, and this seemed the perfect time to crack it open and build them!


The paint scheme for this was also dead simple (though with a longer drying time, as it uses two washes), and I used the same scheme White Dwarf suggested for the Ophidian Archway – I thought that would be a good way to link the architecture of the Mortal Realms.

Again, it was simply:

  1. Undercoat with Corax White (worth splashing out on the spray can, it is much better for this than any other white undercoat I have used).
  2. Wash the whole thing with Seraphim Sepia.
  3. Drybrush the columns with Pallid Wych Flesh.
  4. Paint the stone slabs and steps Stormvermin Fur.
  5. Wash the whole thing with Athonian Camoshade (sounds a bit weird to use a green wash, but it creates a nice mossy feeling).
  6. Drybrush the stones with Administratum Grey.
  7. Drybrush the whole thing, lightly, with Ceramite White.


That really is all there is to it! Once again, a very quick way to get a decent piece of scenery on your table.

I am going to have another little break from scenery for a while, but I will be lining up both the Crucible and another Skull Keep before year’s end (and here I was thinking I was done with the Dreadhold!), and I have a hankering to do some Sylvaneth Woods in the style shown in the All-Gates book, but that might be going a step too far (just how many Sylvaneth Woods does one really need, eh?).


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