Devoted of Sigmar

The last models for the Godbeasts campaign (likely starting in just a few days!) are well in hand, my Big Plan to crunch through them paying off nicely!

At the moment, I am working on an army I have been wanting to do ever since Age of Sigmar came out – the Devoted of Sigmar, the nutters who throw themselves at the enemy (literally) in the name of the God-King.


As you can see, the army is coming on nicely! Among this little lot are 30 Flagellants, 3 Warrior Priests and, of course, the giant War Altar of Sigmar. I am planning to add another 30 Flagellants (for a total of three units of 20), and then I will probably call it done for a while – it is certainly enough for the battle in the Godbeasts campaign where they go up against a giant Warherd.


The Flagellants are pretty easy models to do, and I stuck with the deep blue colour scheme you see in GW’s books, as I think it ties in very nicely with my own Hallowed Knights. Simply do the blue robes, a bit of skin, weapons, and the odd bit of gold and flame – and they are done!


The War Altar, of course, is the real centrepiece, and I don’t think they could possibly have put more bling on it if they tried! It really is the kind of model that says ‘we have arrived’.


Painting it, however, was not all that more complex than the Flagellants themselves and, after the black was done, followed pretty much the same colours as the men, though in different proportions (a lot less blue and a whole lot more gold!).

On the painting table right now is a War Altar of Nurgle and the biggest Khorgorath you have ever seen, both of which I hope to have done over the weekend. However, I am also aiming to get the last Flagellants and a retinue of Retributors complete over the same timeline as well, which is somewhat ambitious. If I can do it though, that will be all the models done and dusted for the Godbeasts campaign, and I can crack on with some brand new armies (likely a mix of Sylvaneth, Flesh-Eater Court and Ironjawz!).


2 Responses to “Devoted of Sigmar”

  1. Philip Foster Says:

    What gold(s) did you use for your Devoted of Sigmar?

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