Skaarac the Bloodborn

I am well aware that my painting is mostly awful but, every now and again, I manage to do something that gets me thinking ‘yeah, that actually ain’t too bad!’

Enter Skaarac the Bloodborn, Great Khorgorath of Khorne…


This is the first ‘proper’ Age of Sigmar model that Forge World produced and I kinda had it pegged to do when it appeared. What finally motivated me was that he appeared in the Warhammer World-only Ironwarp Citadel scenarios and, planning to run through them as part of our ongoing campaign, it formed the perfect time to add him.


One thing that became apparent as I was painting this model – while Forge World models have a reputation for being (more) difficult to put together and paint, this chap just… wasn’t.

In fact, I would go as far to say that if you (like myself) have little talent when it comes to painting but have managed to struggle through the Blood Warriors in the starter set, you already know everything you need to do Skaarac.


I started with his skin, using a Rhino Brown base and all-over Nuln Oil wash. On top of that was drybrushed Doombull and Tuskgor Brown – in fact, the same colours I use on my Fyreslayers!


The armour came next. This uses a Khorne Red base, washed with Agrax, and then drybrushed Mephiston Red and (very lightly) Evil Sunz Scarlet – this is the same way I did my Blood Warriors and, in fact, pretty much everything from this point on uses the same scheme suggested for Blood Warriors in the starter set painting guide. The gold is Balthasar, washed with Agrax, then highlighted with Runefang Steel.


After that, the only major portions of the model left were the steel and bone (Leadbelcher and Zandri bases respectively), and a bit of cloth (black, highlighted with Skavenblight Dinge and a dash of Administratum Grey).

The few ‘details’ were restricted to the odd item hanging off his horns (such as the ‘tail’ which I did green, to link him in with the rest of the Bloodbound who also sport the odd tail).

So, if you have been coveting this model but doubted your painting skills – have no fear! If you can do Blood Warriors, you can do this model and, because of its size and sharper edges, you might well find it easier to do. The gold edging on the armour is certainly less fiddly!

As to whether you can afford it (£140 on the Forge World site), well, that is more a question for your wallet and conscience…


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