Stark Hammer Heavies

The Stark Hammers are going to be a minor Stormhost for me – absolutely no intention of growing them into the size of the Hallowed Knights (you saw me write that, please hold me to it!). However, with just a couple of retinues of Liberators and the odd commander, they needed a few other units to make them function well in battle – so, a unit of Retributors seemed the right approach!


While working on these (and Skaarac, see previous post), I was also finishing off the Devoted of Sigmar with another 30-odd Flagellants, and it was while they were all lined up on the painting table I finally understood how the Stormcasts must appear to mortals…


Yeah, you would not want to mess with him, eh? And when the novels say that it takes at least three mortal men to pick up their hammers, again, you can kinda see where they are coming from.

Incidentally, the Flagellants, the Retributors and Skaarac formed the penultimate stage of The Plan (to get through all the models needed for the Godbeasts campaign in short order), with just a War Altar of Nurgle left. The latter is about 80% done (would have been completed, but I got a bit distracted by Dragon Age over the weekend…), and should be polished off a little later this week.

Which, painting-wise, leaves me ‘free’ and only sort of thinking about the models needed for All-Gates.

As it turns out, that campaign book does not need all that many. Once the Sylvaneth and Ironjawz are tackled (which, to be fair, I would have done anyway), there is something like 11 models total I need to pick up for the campaign, including 9 Prosecutors for the Stark Hammers.

However, I am going to take a little break from campaign-painting and get my Flesh-Eater Court well and truly on the road – those guys are just too cool not to do!


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