Warshrine of Nurgle

Bit of a landmark this week – I have now finished, completely finished, all models needed for the Godbeasts campaign. Which is just as well, seeing as we started the battles on Wednesday!

The last model was this one, the first of the Warshrines (yes, planning to do one for each of the Chaos powers!), dedicated to Nurgle.


I cannot take credit for the any of the conversions, such as the new priest modified daemon holding up the pillar or rotting body attached to the main symbol, but I did sprinkle some Nurglings around it.


Painting-wise… dead easy, frankly. While the Warshrine looks fairly ‘busy’, there is actually a limited pallet in play, and I drew the colours from existing Rotbringers models.


The daemons were painted the same way as my Nurglings/Plaguebearers, the mutant bearers the same as the Glottkin, and the Plague Lord & rest of the Warshrine the same as my Blightkings.


So, after all those models done for Godbeasts, what is next?

Well, the next big tome is All-Gates, and painting there is going to be all about the Ironjawz and new Sylvaneth (the latter of which I have already made a start on). However, before I dive right into them, I am going to ‘polish off’ the Flesh-Eater Court. It is not actually needed for All-Gates, but now the Terrorgheists are out of the way the rest of the army is so quick and easy to do, I just cannot resist – I have already base-coated a dozen Crypt Horrors/Flayers & 20 Crypt Ghouls, and I am aiming to get all of them done this weekend. The rest will be completed in between Sylvaneth models, just so I don’t go loopy painting the same colours all the time.

After that, the models needed for All-Gates are few and far between – finally the breadth of my existing collection is beginning to pay off! I think it comes down to just doing a new set of Prosecutors and Knight-Azyros (for my new Stark Hammers Stormhost), a(nother) Skull Keep (after promising myself I was finished with the Dreadhold… sigh) and a Skull Cannon or three.

I also have a hankering to get the models needed for the ‘Abyss’ narrative Battleplan in the General’s Handbook, as I only need one more Herald and Blood Throne of Khorne, and the scenario looks pretty funky.

However, one thing at a time – Flesh-Eater Courts up next!




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