The Flesh-Eaters Arise

Over the weekend, I managed to get through about half of my planned Flesh-Eater Court – if you (like me) are artistically-challenged but still want a decent looking army, take a look at these guys. They are dead simple to do and exceptionally quick. In no time at all, you will have plenty of units at your disposal.


This little lot represents a (very) lazy Saturday’s worth of work – and it you remove drying time, an afternoon. I was actually going to make a decent start to the second half of the army on Sunday, but I ran out of paint!


There are really just five stages to painting these guys.

  1. Skin: Base coat Celestra Grey, splash a heavy Athonian Camoshade all over. When dry, drybrush Ogryn Camo then, very lightly, Screaming Skull. Congratulations, you have just finished 80% of the model!
  2. Fur/Loincloths: Skavenblight Dinge with Nuln Oil wash. Drybrush with Stormvermin Fur (and, on special models such as the Varghulf above, follow up with a very light drybrush of Administratum Grey).
  3. Bones: The usual Zandri Dust base, washed with Agrax. Drybrush Ushabti Bone.
  4. Claws: Abaddon Black, drybrush with Skavenblight Dinge and Administratum Grey (makes them look sharp!).
  5. Blood and Gore: Grab yourself the Blood for the Blood God technical paint, and splash it about!


That really is all there is to it. Lightning fast and they do not look bad at all, if I say so myself!

When it comes to the blood, I tend to keep it on the hands, going up to the elbows, but also use it to help denote rank – so, higher ranking models have the blood going further up their arms and also round their mouths. As the blood looks so noticeable against the rest of the model it is a very easy way to spot the Heroes and unit leaders from a distance.


I have some more Flesh-Eaters on the way (another force about the size of this one) but, as I said, I ran out of paint over this weekend. So, I also made a proper start on the new Sylvaneth! These guys are really quick and easy to do as well and, as they also rely on all-over body washes that take time to dry, are perfect to do alongside your Flesh-Eater Court.

So, if you want to do two armies instead of just one (!), Flesh-Eaters and Sylvaneth are the perfect combo!



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