Heroes of Order

Alongside the Flesh-Eater Court (see last post), I also managed to do a little handful of Heroes for the forces of Order. First off, and a lot easier to do than I first thought) was Drycha Hamadreth.


I started off by painting her using the same colours as the Kurnoth Hunters I did a short while ago, and that account for about 85% of the surface area of the model. Then it was just a case of doing the special Drycha bitz, such as the honeycomb nest areas on the shoulders and arms (XV88 base, wash with Fuegan Orange, then drybrush with Deathclaw and Skrag Browns), the Flitterflies (White with Guilliman Blue wash, drybrushed white again), and Drycha herself (Celestra Base, washed with Waywatcher, drybrushed white).




I also did these two chaps, two more leaders for the Devoted of Sigmar. I was not going to look at these guys for a while (having ‘finished’ everything needed for the Devoted recently) but I was waiting for washes to dry on the Flesh-Eaters and Drycha, and thought ‘why not!’

The model on the left is a Witch Hunter, painted pretty much the same colours as the one in the Grand Alliance: Order book, but with a blue cloak to tie him into the rest of my Devoted. The Warrior Priest (obviously a very high-ranking one!) is the Grand Theogonist from the War Altar kit, just placed on foot (I used the ‘normal’ Warrior Priest to ride the altar).

And with that, I think I can safe the Devoted of Sigmar are now done!


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