Free Spirits of the Sylvaneth

It looks like I am on a bit of a roll at the moment, with models getting done left, right and centre! I only have a handful of models to be done for the Flesh-Eater Court (hoping to polish them off this weekend), the Ironjawz are mostly put together and waiting their turn with the brush and, now, I have done all but a couple of units model for the Sylvaneth (and yes, one of those units is Alarielle – think I will have to take a ‘run up’ to her…).

Last night, I managed to do the final touches on the Free Spirits part of the Sylvaneth.


I think GW has done well with these models – nice poses, lots of detail, but not as fragile as they look.


The first of the Kurnoth Hunters I did this time round were more archers. I already have one unit of these but, after using them in battle, I quickly came to a decision – the bows hit hard but, with 4+ to hit, you need more than three of them!


The sword-bearing Hunters use the same bodies as the archers, if you look carefully, but the different arm poses and weapons serve to mark them apart sufficiently that you really won’t tell on the tabletop. For the blades, I went with the same scheme as on the Tree-Revenants – a simple white base with a wash of Waywatcher Green… and that is it! The way that glaze pools over a flat surface makes for a nice magical shimmering effect.


I also popped in a unit of scythe-bearers, mainly so I have at least one of each Kurnoth Hunter unit now and can play around to see which seems better on the table.


Of course, you cannot do Free Spirits without a Son of Durthu popping up. I had deliberately avoided doing him before now as he is very powerful and, until the Battletome came out, we were not really sure whether Durthu was still a thing in Age of Sigmar. You would figure he would be, being part of the Treelord kit, but you never know.

Anyway, I felt I had ‘permission’ at this point, so went ahead and built one!


Again, I did the blade in the same way as the Tree-Revenants and Kurnoth Hunters, and it is a good example of how Waywatcher Green flows over a flat surface – I could never have painted that freehand!


I sort of used Warhammer TV as a guide to painting this chap, but I did deviate in several places – the first of which was his head. Duncan recommends painting the head separately before attaching it, but I really dislike doing that so this is it painted while all stuck together.


I don’t think I did too badly!

The other big deviation was on the runes. I really was not comfortable about doing them, as I knew they would be on the very edge of my Talent Limit, so I passed for now (plus I did the sword green, so there is the question of whether they should be red/orange like his head or green like his sword), but I may come back in the future.

So, aside from Alarielle and Spite-Revenants, that about wraps it up (for now) on the Sylvaneth. I am currently eyeing up Alarielle’s box, but I am going to (completely) finish off the Flesh-Eater Court first, along with those Spite-Revenants. That is just a bunch of Crypt Horrors/Flayers, along with their Courtiers and one more unit of Crypt Ghouls – these are super quick to paint, so should all be done this weekend.

After that… well, either Alarielle or I’ll go through the Ironjawz. Either one really nice model or an entire army. Hmmm, decisions to make…




One Response to “Free Spirits of the Sylvaneth”

  1. Thalenchar Says:

    The speed at which you paint astounds me. If I could manage a quarter of your pace, I’d be very pleased. And the quality you reach in that timespan is very impressive. Thanks a bunch for the painting tips, I’ll be sure some of them out!

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