Two Mighty Beasts

I had a very productive weekend and, among other things, managed to get through these two beauties.


The really imposing one is, of course, the Rogue Idol of Gork (or is it Mork?). Managed to snag this one at a very low price and, despite not having done any Orruks yet (started putting together the Ironjawz this weekend too!), I just had an itch to paint it up.


This was for two reasons. First off, there is just something very ‘powerful’about this model, like it is fully capable of ripping the wings off a Bloodthirster with ease. Second, I thought it would be dead easy and quick to do (I was right, as it happens).


95% of the model is simply Mechanicus Grey with a Nuln Oil wash, drybrushed with Dawnstone, Administratum Grey and a final (very light) drybrush of white. Then it is just the details – the metal icons stamped into it, the fungi, shields, and moss.


I also stole an idea from someone else’s idol I found while Googling this beast, and put clumps of Mordheim Turf in its various cracks and crevices. I think it quite adds something to the model.

Now I just need to paint up some Orruks to power it up with Waaagh energy!


The Great Chaos Spined Beast is another easy model, based with Death World Green and washed with Athonian Camoshade. Then it was just a case of drybrushing with Elysian Green and Ogryn Camo. Again, 90% of the model done just doing that!


The red fleshy bits came next (Khorne Red, Agrax and Mephiston), and I topped them all off with a light coating of Blood for the Blood God so they glisten and are all icky. Claws, horns and teeth all followed (Zandri, Agrax, Ushabti) and that was it done!


This beastie does have a fairly immediate purpose – in the Realmgate Wars, I wanted to feature Arachaon’s Menagerie in the Ironwarp Citadel (a Battalion Warscroll from the book of the same name) which requires five monsters. I had four, so this chap went in nicely (it was either going to be him or a Basilisk).

I don’t have a Warscroll for this guy yet, so may have to end up doing one of my own. I dropped a line to Forge World to see if his omission from the monstrous Arcanum PDF was a mistake (it happens) but if that turns up a blank, I’ll have a Warscroll posted in a few days!


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