Sylvaneth & Flesh-Eaters Complete (sort of)

This weekend marked a landmark of sorts – I finished (that should be ‘finished’) both my Sylvaneth army and the Flesh-Eater Court.


Given everything that has come before, the Sylvaneth were fairly easy – a single unit of Spite-Revenants. These were done in exactly the same way as the Tree-Revenants I had done earlier, except the humanoid bodies were done in the same way as the other Spites in my force (Celestra Grey, Guilliman Blue, light dusting of Ulthuan Grey).

Now, it is true that I only have one unit of these and when Drycha gets really annoyed I will probably need more, but I have no plans to revisit them just yet. They have not popped up in force in the campaign yet, and I won’t do more until they do (the same applies to the Tree-Revenants as well, actually, I only have one unit of them at the moment).

The massive elephant in the room, of course, is Alarielle. She got put together this weekend, but I want to do some other bits and pieces before I tackle her. That is one model that deserves a greater degree of attention.


The Flesh-Eater Court is on far more solid ground. The final models were more Crypt Flayers/Horrors, the larger Courtiers, and another unit of Crypt Ghouls.


For the Courtiers, I went with Vargheist heads, and a lot more blood than normal to make picking them out on the tabletop easier.

That leaves my Flesh-Eater Court with:

Ghoul King on Terrorgheist
Ghoul King x 2
Varghulf Courtier
Crypt Horror/Flayer Courtiers x 3
Crypt Ghoul Packs x 3
Crypt Flayer Packs x 4
Crypt Horror Packs x 4

Now, in theory, I could use a Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon, plus at least one Zombie Dragon on its own… but I am in no rush to do those. This little force is nicely representative and will suit me for most of the campaign battles ahead.

So, what is next on the painting table? Well, aside from Alareille (and I have Nagash gazing down at me as well, so maybe a Weekend of the Gods is worth considering…), it is going to be all about the Ironjawz. Still haven’t quite settled on a colour scheme yet, but I have already put most of the force together!



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