Floating and Flying

Really got only two things done this weekend, though I have excuses – as well as all the actual games that have been played (see recent battle reports), I am currently working on two really big projects, the kind of things that you should really only do one of at a time. They are not quite ready to be unveiled yet, but maybe they will be all done next week…

Anyway, first up this weekend was a Knight-Azyros for the Stark Hammers.


This chap is needed for the All-Gates campaign book, leading three units of Prosecutors (they are on their way). They will be competing with a Knight-Venator and Prosecutors from the Hallowed Knights as they both try to track down a Great Unclean One in a swamp.


The only other things I polished off were another three Cairn Wraiths.


These guys are intended for a fight from the Ironjawz Battletome, as they swoop down upon a Vampire’s force around a river. That fight is a long way off, but these guys are so easy to do, I popped them in alongside the big projects.

Speaking of Ironjawz, I have pretty much the whole army (minus some more Ardboys and the two Maw-Krushas) all undercoated and base-painted, and they are now just waiting for shading, highlighting and details. However, they are not one of the big projects I mentioned, and will be waiting their turn until those are complete!


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