Two Gods

I mentioned last week that I had not done many models of late because I was working on a couple of larger projects. Well, here they are…


Nagash, God of Death, and Alarielle, Goddess of Life!

Normally, for normal people, these would be the kind of models that  you do on their own, free of other distractions. However, I got the mad idea that while one God could be drying, I could be working on the other…

As it happened, neither took an amazingly long time to do. Base colours mostly done throughout over a couple of evenings in the week, all the detailing done over a lazy weekend. Nothing too stressful at all!


Alarielle is obviously the looker out of the two and makes for a very attractive model. For both gods, I leaned on Duncan and Warhammer TV heavily, switching between two Youtube tabs as I flicked from one model to the other. The little time bar at the bottom of the screen makes for a useful gauge as to how far you have to go!


I pretty much followed Duncan’s instructions throughout this model, even engaging in edge highlighting, which I hate. However, cannot argue with the results.


I needed to get a few new colours to tackle Alarielle but, once they arrived, everything proceeded smoothly. If you have a swing at this model, just follow Duncan’s instructions step-by-step, and you’ll do yourself proud.


Now, Nagash has several areas where you will start thinking ‘that will be a giant pain in the derriere’, such as the blending between robe and spirits, and the armour. However, in the end, there was nothing too awful and the biggest stress was probably the nine books he carries, and those only because they will be the last thing you do and you’ll be impatient to finish the model!


Once again, follow Duncan, and you’ll get through this model easily. There are four videos to do Nagash, but it is actually less work than it seems – the first video is about putting him together (mine came pre-built from eBay), and the last half of the final video is final assembly.

That all goes to cut down on the painting time!


There were a few techniques used on Nagash that I had not really tackled before, such as the blending between spirit and robes, but they ended up being no hassle. The biggest potential area for stress is probably the edge highlighting on the armour but, frankly, I cheated a little on this, doing a glorified drybrush to get much the same effect (it would have been no neater if I had done actual edge highlighting, I promise!).


The final result of this weekend’s work are two fine centre piece models for two armies. And you cannot really go wrong with that!

Completing Alarielle means I am just about done with the Sylvaneth (I intend doing another ten Tree-Revenants some time soon, but they’ll be ‘slipped in’ among other models), and doing Nagash means I can now have a bash at that big battle between him and Archaon in the Everchosen book – something to have a swing at after we finish Godbeasts, I think.

So, what is on the painting table now? Well, having put the time into two big models, I think it would be a nice change to do lots of smaller ones, so the next 2-3 weeks or so will be all about the Ironjawz (going for the Skybashas guys). However, I am going to break them up a bit (avoid monotony) with a Screaming Bell, some Prosecutors for the Stark Hammers Stormhost, and a couple of new bits and pieces for my Daenons of Khorne.


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