Skybasha Ironjawz

This weekend, I added a new army to the forces of Destruction – the Ironjawz have finally arrived!


I have spent a lot of time this year humming and harring about the colours to do these guys in. The ‘standard’ yellow of GW’s Ironjawz is all well and good, but a bit bright for my eyes. I am not keen on the blue, and the orange just looks awful. I was going to go red, but then I spied the Skybashas in the Ironjawz Painting Guide.

The Skybashas Warclan is typically found floating across the skies in flying scrap-craft (this comes from the painting guide – they often have snippets of background information like this), and they hammer their armour and weapons out of sky-iron. However, they then daub it with bright red teeth and patches to prove they ain’t soft.



In the first lot of Skybashas, I concentrated on the Ardboys in the main, as they will form the bulk of the tribe in numbers, with 22 of them polished off. I have another 15 of these guys sitting on the desk waiting to be done, and I figure I’ll end up with three units of 20 by the time I am done.


You need a Megaboss, of course, and while I have one waiting in the wings on top a Maw-Krusha, this chap will serve well until that is ready.


A Weirdnob Shaman, of course, a delightfully characterful model. While all red on these models is washed with Agrax and highlighted with Evil Sunz, I actually use a different base for cloth and armour – Khorne Red for the former, Mephiston Red for the latter. This provides a subtle but effective difference that suggests they are made from different materials.


And finally a Warchanter.

Like the Flesh-Eater Court, these models are superfast to paint, and I would not shy away from doing a hundred Ardboys (not that I will!). I finished these guys on Saturday, and started work on the Brutes and Gore-Gruntas on the Sunday, and they are practically finished – only my running out of Zandri Dust put the brakes on them.

Those done, I will be doing mode Ardboys and tackling the Maw-Krushas, and I am beginning to eye up the Bonesplitterz now!


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