Skybasha Reinforcements

This weekend, I managed to polish off just the handful of Ironjawz I wanted to get done before moving onto other projects (though I will be back with the Skybashas Warclan fairly soon, to do just a few more Ardboys and Gordrakk).


The major addition is, of course, the Megaboss on Maw-Krusha – a fitting warlord for the clan.


Despite being a big model, this is another easy one, and I pretty much followed the Ironjawz Painting Guide for the beastie, while the Megaboss is done in exactly the same way as the other Ironjawz.


I now have enough Ironjawz to get them onto the table in a convincing manner, and we’ll be throwing ourselves into the Headlong Onslaught Battleplan just as soon as we have completed Godbeasts.


So, what is next? Well, before I tackle Gordrakk, there are a couple of Khorne Daemons I want to take a look at, along with some Chaos Sorcerers and (though I swore I would not do it) some additions to the Dreadhold…


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