Heroes of the Mortal Realms

Just a little clutch of Heroes for Age of Sigmar today…


Even though he is not needed in the campaign we are playing, the Lord-Veritant was just begging to be done – plus my Lord-Castellant (who very much is involved in the campaign) can now have a second Gryph-Hound!


We have an idea to do the Over the Abyss Battleplan from the General’s Handbook after Godbeasts is complete, and I only needed a handful of models to do all the forces as listed in the book. The first of them is another Herald of Khorne, this time using the model from the Blood Throne.


Looking a little further ahead, All-Gates requires a Slaaneshi Sorcerer, and so I picked up this little chap on eBay, complete with Familiar.


Finally, though he is not on the cards for any campaign play, I had this chap knocking around, and I could probably use a non-aligned Sorcerer at some point…


On the painting table right now: a Crucible, a Skull Cannon, reinforcements for Clan Eshin, and a Screaming Bell!


One Response to “Heroes of the Mortal Realms”

  1. Fireymonkeyboy Says:

    Sigmarine looks badass, nice work!

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