Playing Silver Tower… Badly

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower has gained something of a reputation for being easy. You’ll find no shortage of people on various forums waxing on about how they blew threw all nine trials with no losses, and now they are looking for a slightly harder challenge.

Our experiences have been somewhat different.

We have played this game a fair bit. Quite a fair bit, it has to be said. And, to date, we have not succeeded in more than two consecutive missions. To make things worse, we reset everything whenever we have a TPK (that is Total Party Kill, for you non-RPGers), going back to the very first (training) trial with brand new characters.

So, how is it we are so bad at this game?

Well, take a look at this shot of one of our games tonight…


You will notice that the Warchanter and Bloodstoker are in the room furthest away, fighting off Acolytes and hoping the three Tzaangors nearby do not notice them. And yes, this means we had already triggered two groups of monsters. The Knight-Azyros, you will find, has explored another chamber and has run into more Acolytes.

Now consider what happened next.


The Knight-Azyros has bypassed the Acolytes and located an Alchemist’s study and annoyed some Blue Horrors.

This set up is entirely typical of our sessions.

On the plus side, we have managed to try out an awful lot of the characters. We are currently running with a Slaughterpriest, Knight-Vexillor and Lord-Castellant. What the Khorne priest is doing with two Stormcasts is anyone’s guess, but we aren’t complaining, as we have just managed to complete the first trial with them.

Which gives us a 50% success rate on the training mission…


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