Chaos Dreadhold: Crucible

A while back, I said I was done with the Dreadhold. All very impressive, and it looks great on the battlefield, but I was done with skulls. After all, with gates, I can stretch a wall across six foot of table, and there are limits.

Then GW released this:


You kind of get to a point where it is a shame not to add something to an existing collection…

The idea behind the Crucible is that the Chaos guys gather up all the magical weapons of their fallen enemies and bung them into the pot to melt them down. They can then squirt molten magic weapon over anyone who comes close.

Sounds fun.


The painting of this used the same scheme as the rest of the Dreadhold, which itself was taken from the White Dwarf when the first sections were released. The only changes/additions were the ‘power crystals’ (which I quite like the result of, using the gemstone technical paints), and the melting magic weapons (which I am not so keen on – definite Talent Limit strike there).

I would like to say that I am now done with the Dreadhold… but I am trying very hard not to look at the new Skull Keep I put together over the weekend.

Turns out that All-Gates finds a total of three Skull Keeps quite useful…


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