Ratty Reinforcements

While Skaven are not the focus of the Realmgate Wars campaign once you leave the Scabrous Sprawl (Godbeasts), there is no way they are not going to make another big time appearance, so I have been working on a couple of new units.

The first is the biggie, a Screaming Bell from the Masterclan.


The most fiddly thing on this model is probably the ropes around the rocks that hold everything together, as I generally assemble models completely before painting (it makes them more durable, and is overall usually quicker).


However, everything else is a fair breeze, and I am looking forward to this model making its debut on the battlefield in the Two Become Three Battleplan from Flesh-Eater Courts (Skaven and Fyreslayers are having one of their traditional disputes, then a bunch of Flesh-Eaters arrive to mess things up).


The next models are ones I have had on my painting table for quite some time, all assembled and undercoated, but other units have managed to get in the way – two small units of Clan Eshin Gutter Runners.


I have been wanting a little Clan Eshin force pretty much since Age of Sigmar came out – while an all-Eshin force was doable under Fantasy Battle you would never take one in a standard 2,000 point bash, but in Age of Sigmar, all-Eshin forces are perfectly viable.

I just like the idea of a bunch of stealthy rats padding their way across the battlefield before they spring upon an unsuspecting enemy! While I could use more Gutter Runners (I don’t really like the current models for Night Runners, it has to be said), I already have a couple of Assassins and, of course, the Deathrunners from Silver Tower, s they could certainly work in a very small game or as a supporting element to (perhaps) a Verminus attack.


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