The Might of Khorne

With mortals and daemons combined, what was once intended to be just a handful of Khornate models has turned into a veritable horde. I haven’t got too much that needs adding at this point, but a couple of Battleplans coming up could use just two more models…


The first is a Skull Cannon and granted, if I were dead set on doing a massive Khorne force (and despite the numbers reached already, I am not), I could probably use more of these. But one is enough to get going with a couple of battles coming up in the All-Gates campaign, and so I am in no rush to add more.

The second was a Blood Throne.


Now, I already have one of these done, and I am not sure anyone really needs two. However, the Over the Abyss Battleplan in the General’s Handbook suggests two and, as I had everything else in the Khorne force ready to go, it seemed a shame not to add one more.


Definitely not doing three though.


Is anything else going to be added to the Khorne force in the future?

Well, there have been rumours of some Khorne Lord on a massive dragon from Forge World, so I might need to take a sniff at that at some point. Otherwise, I wanted to add some more Skullcrushers (so I can do a proper Brass Stampede), and perhaps some Khorne-marked Chaos Knights. And maybe a Chariot.

However, none of that is essential to the campaigns as yet, so I foresee instead a fair amount of Destruction-based units on the horizon, spearheaded by the Bonesplitterz!


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