Guarding the Starmaster

So, I will be attending the Battle Brothers event at Warhammer World in a couple of weeks or so. This is a team event, where you and a buddy each combine 1,000 point forces and take on all comers.

Now, having, umm, quite an extensive AoS collection, I thought we might take something interesting and unusual… Until my running mate (mentioning no James’ names) informed me he was taking a Daughters of Khaine force for his 1,000 points.

Okay, I thought, any hopes of Sportsmanship/Best Game awards had just gone of the window, they were a pipe dream.

You see, there are a handful of forces that are known to be just plain nasty in AoS – you will hear phrases like ‘Beastclaw Raiders’, ‘Skyborne Slayers’ and ‘Kunnin Rukk’, to give just three examples. However, the Daughters of Khaine are a kinda stealth army. They are right up there with those three but few people know it and, looking at the army, opponents will not suspect a thing – until the first Witch Elves shrug off a hail of shooting and mortal wounds, and then tear apart any unit they come into contact with.

So, I had to have a rethink on what I was going to take. In the end, I settled for another ‘stealthy’ type force, based around the Seraphon. However, it meant I had to paint a few more models…


This is the first time I have painted a unit specifically for Matched Play purposes, and I am not sure if I feel dirty or not…

Anyway, I painted myself up another 15 Saurus Guard, giving me a total of 30.

The idea here is that the Witch Elves run forward and… do what Witch Elves do. Eat the enemy, mostly.

My Seraphon, comprising three units of 10 Saurus Guard, an Eternity Warden, and a Skink Priest (there is enough room for something else – maybe a Bastiladon to counter any Balewind Vortex shenanigans), advance behind the girls and sit on objectives.

The trick is that they have been arranged into the Eternal Starhost. This gives them a number of benefits.


First off, assuming the right Heroes are near (they will be), each Saurus Guard has an effective 2+ save that ignores Rend of -1 (most of the Rend out there), without going anywhere near scenery or accepting a Mystic Shield. And the Skink Priest will be getting them to re-roll that. Oh, and they will have a Bravery of 12, for all that will matter.

This makes the Saurus Guard an absolute rock that will be a pain to shift as they sit on objectives, quietly accruing points.

But suppose the enemy manages to break through the Witch Elves and staggers, battered and bloody to the Saurus Guard line?

Well, the Eternity Warden will be giving my lizards an extra attack (total of three each), which are already at 3+/3+/-1 but, so long as they do not move (and, sitting on objectives, they won’t be), that is coming in with D3 damage too.

That is a total monster killer.

Now, this force does have weaknesses. Unless they are accompanied by the Bastiladon, they have no ranged ability. Plus, they have no protection against mortal wounds – however, that is what the Witch Elves are for (#LizardLivesMatter).

So, the upshot of all this is, while there are going to be some nasty forces at Battle Brothers, I think we will be going into the fight with some fair optimism.

The only real question is: do I up my Saurus Guard to 60 models and do the same thing at 2,000 points for the Grand Tournaments next year..?



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