The Fist of Gork

Two little milestones achieved this weekend…


The forces of Destruction are coming on well!

First up is Gordrakk himself, the Fist of Gork.


This model marks the last of the Ironjawz I will be doing for a good while (might sneak in a handful more Ardboyz to take me up to three units of 20, and I could probably use another unit of Gore-Gruntas), and one of the last models needed for the All-Gates campaign which we will be starting soon, likely after Christmas.


This was a fairly no-stress model to paint, just following the paint scheme that comes with the box set.


Even the yellow is no fuss these days, with the ‘Citadel Painting System’ (used to hate doing yellow).

So, as the Ironjawz are completed (that is, ‘completed’), the Bonesplitterz start appearing. While I have a few other bits and pieces to be getting on with (Prosecutors, a Skull Keep and Morghast Harbingers on the painting table right now), I wanted to get one unit of Bonesplitterz done before launching into the main bulk of their army, just to see what is what when it comes to painting them.


And… they are fairly easy to do!


They are, of course, mostly green skin with bone, hair, leather, stone and tattoos the only real additions to them. The only real pain was that you really need to do the leather and hide in two stages – once to get the main loincloths and straps done, but then again once the bone is complete to sort out all the leather straps on the shields and weapons. Not a real hassle, but I really like only doing colours once on a model.

Also managed to pop one of these chaps in:


Just to get the point across that this is a monster-killing army!

This weekend I also put together a couple more characters for the Bonesplitterz and a unit of Boarboyz. The aim is to get the whole army more or less done before the Christmas break and not make the Bonesplitterz my Christmas Project, but I think that might be a little ambitious, especially as I will be losing a weekend to the Battle Brothers event, plus I need to spend some time actually building whatever I end up doing for the Christmas Project.

Still best foot forward!


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