The Christmas Project

Over the past few years, I have shut down the office for two weeks over Christmas. It gives the staff a chance to recharge, and gives me time to dive into what I have started calling my Christmas Project.

In the past, this has involved finishing a novel (writing, not reading – I am not that bad), or getting some painting done. A couple of years ago, I did a whole Craftworld Eldar army over the break. Last year it was a complete Seraphon force.

This year is a bit messy. The basic plan is to paint everything for Age of Sigmar that is needed for the campaign Battleplans we have not yet played, so we are all bright-eyed and ready for war in the New Year.

Now, this does assume I will finish painting the Bonesplitterz before Christmas, which I suspect I will not be able to do (it is very tight in the run up to Christmas because I have, you know, work to do as well) so they may ‘spill’ over into the project. It also assumes I am going to be able to build one new unit every day from now until Christmas – and I am not sure that is exactly doable either.

Still, best foot forward!

It will more or less break down like this:

Khorne Cavalry
I already have a bunch of Skullcrushers, but not enough for a proper Brass Stampede and, of late, I have found myself inspired by the Redblade Vanguard from Godbeasts. So, I am looking at doing more Skullcrushers (another 6), 10 Chaos Knights dedicated to Khorne, and a Gorebeast Chariot, also a Khorne follower.

Beastclaw Raiders
Yeah, this is probably the biggie and, in another life, I might have done these guys alone as a Christmas Project. I am not going to do everything I planned for them (that involved a total of nine – nine! – Thundertusks and Stonehorns), just those needed for the campaign. This boils down to four (maybe five, depending on how things go) Stonehorns, two Thundertusks, eight Mournfang Cavalry, the Hunter, some Sabres and a clutch of Yhetees.

More Ogors
There is a battle that appeared way back in the Bloodbound Battletome that featured some Ogors, and I think it is about time we got around to fighting that one. Pinching a Stonehorn from the Beastclaw Raiders, I will also add a couple of Ironblasters, ten Ogors, four Leadbelchers and four Ironguts. Of all the forces planned, this is likely to be the easiest.

I only did ten Tree-Revenants when I last tackled the Sylvaneth and, to be truthful, I could probably use some more, so I would like to slip in another ten of these guys at some point over the break.

That is basically all I am planning to do. However, just in case I do need something else to be ‘getting on with’, I have an idea to do twelve more unaligned Chaos Warriors, another five Knights to go with them, plus an unaligned Warshrine. And a Ghoul King on a Zombie Dragon.

But that really will be all.

Might want to tackle the new Tzaangors too.

Anyway, will all of this get accomplished? Well, it is a Big Ask, and it is dependent very heavily on me not getting distracted by Forza Horizon 3, Skyrim, or any of the other usual suspects.

I think I would give myself… a 60% chance of getting all of this done over the break. Maybe 62%.

So, what are you guys going to be painting or playing over Christmas?


6 Responses to “The Christmas Project”

  1. Tony Melander Says:

    I am currently painting a Ancient Britons army for Hail Ceasar. HC is a smashing set of rules and made for large games with good friends. I expect to run into a large Roman force early in the next year with ensuing carnage!

    I will also paint more Blightkings to add to my Rotbringers and start a small army of Aelfs for Age of Sigmar to accompany my small(ish) Stormcast army. There will be some serious fighting in The Mosswastes Campaign in the spring…

    Have a great Christmas!!!

  2. Joel Eddy Says:

    Similar plans. Going to finish a swath of Deathwatch and Genestealers which I’m a couple of days into. Once that is done, I will hopefully finish painting a few Khorne and Stormcast I have left from the starter set, and then jump into assembling and painting the King Vlagorescu’s Ghoulish Host box and the new Ironjawz Thunderfist box (plus a couple of Ironjawz heroes i grabbed).

    Really enjoy the blog btw. Long time reader.

  3. ulfast212 Says:

    Wow, that´s an Amazing amount of models to do in only two weeks. I have not painted so much in a whole year! You inspire me to paint more! 🙂

  4. Peachy and Danny Says:

    We’re keeping up a tradition of Advent blog posts, one a day for 24 days – but the painting tally is nowhere near as ambitious as yours! The biggest struggle is thinking of Xmas-themed puns.

    Best of luck with your project.

  5. Death on Wings | A Tabletop Gamer's Diary Says:

    […] bits and pieces sorted out before throwing myself properly into the Bonesplitterz and then the Christmas Project. This weekend, I managed to finish off four Morghasts I had been promising […]

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