Battle Report – Headlong Onslaught

This time round, we are heading to the World Chasm, the dividing line between the Realms of Fire and Life – and we are testing out a brand new army… the Ironjawz have arrived!


The Story So Far

The Skybashas had been having fun in the Ream of Life, giving small pockets of Sylvaneth a good beating wherever they were found But now the Orruks came to a dead halt, for they had come across the World Chasm, a huge gaping maw between continents that marked the division between Aqshy and Ghyran.

Slann Starmaster Zectoka had been watching the progress of the Skybashas with growing interest, but had not taken any action. The Slann had thought that, deprived of more Sylvaneth to slaughter, the Orruks would inevitably turn upon themselves. However,  Megaboss Zogbak, their leader, had other plans.

The Silverglade Citadel was a massive tree city that lay across the World Chasm, and the rampaging Ironjawz had found it. Seeing the threat the Ironjawz posed, not just to the citadel but the whole of Aqshy that would lie before them should they cross the World Chasm, Zectoka reluctantly moved to block them. In flashes of cerulean light, Seraphon started to appear on the Silverglade Citadel, ready to oppose the Skybashas.

Megaboss Zogbak did not hesitate – bellowing, he rushed forward at the head of his Brutes, determined to give the Seraphon a good duffin’.


The Forces

We have a brand new Ironjawz army painted up, and we can’t wait to get them onto the tabletop and fighting!

Slann Starmaster
Saurus Warriors x 40 (two units of 20)
Skinks x 40 (two units of 20)
Terradons x 3
Saurus Guard x 15
Stegadon x 2

This is a fairly average Seraphon force, with solid units but no real ‘tricks’ up its sleeve. Saurus Warriors will form the main line, Skinks will roam the flanks, while the Saurus Guard protect the Starmaster. So long as those units all function as they should, the main hitting power will likely reside with the Stegadons and Bastiladon.

Weirdnob Shaman
Gore-Gruntas x 6 (two units of 3)
Brutes x 15 (three units of 5)
Ardboys x 30 (two units of 15)

The Ironjawz, too, have brought a fairly no-frills force – perfect for our first outing with them.


The Battleplan

In this Battleplan, the Ironjawz are attempting to bull their way past the Seraphon defenders – if they can get a quarter of their models (13 Orruks) past the Seraphon, they claim a major victory. However, if at any point they can just get their Megaboss past the Seraphon, they can immediately claim a minor victory (or not, if they decide to go for the major!).

The Seraphon have some problems to deal with, mainly to do with the speed of the Ironjawz’ attack. Only half of the Seraphon’s units can deploy in the path of the Ironjawz and many won’t be able to move in their first turn – a real problem, as the Ironjawz go first and will be on the Seraphon right from the start.

Furthermore, if an Ironjawz unit attacks a Seraphon unit and wipes it out, it can make an extra move to get further towards its objective.

Both sides get bonus army rules. The Seraphon can double run rolls if they are close to their Starmaster, while the Ironjawz get bonuses to their charge rolls if their Megaboss leads the way.



Despite being taken aback by the sudden appearance of the Ironjawz so close to their lines, the Seraphon deployed as best they could to contain the greenskinz. Skinks took up position on the flanks where they could chip away at the Ironjawz without being slaughtered, while the Stegadons and a thick line of Saurus Warriors anchored the centre. Behind them all were the Saurus Guard and Starmaster. The Starmaster glanced up at the heavens and, seeing the constellation of the Great Drake was ascendant, knew his Seraphon would fight all the harder.


The Ironjawz took a far simpler approach, simply lining up so the most boyz could reach the Seraphon in the shortest possible time.


Battle Round One

The Ironjawz wasted no time and, with a mighty bellow, they rushed forward, weapons ready to tear the Seraphon apart.


From atop his Stegadon, the Skink Alpha directed the nearby unit of Skinks to sweep forward and bring the charging Gore-Gruntas into range of their javelins. Hurling their weapons, they proved deadly accurate, and one Gore-Grunta crashed into the ground spraying up a fountain of dirt. The Bastiladon behind the Skinks unleashed a powerful searing beam, annihilating a second Gore-Grunta and catching the last in the explosion.

However, while the Skinks were alert, many of the other Seraphon had been caught offguard and were slow to respond to the rush of the Ironjawz. One Stegadon lumbered forward to engage the Ironjawz but the crew of the other had trouble getting their own beast moving.

Alone, the other Stegadon shook the ground as it crashed into the advancing Brutes.


One brute was gutted by the Stegadon’s massive horns, another was crushed under its feet, and a third turned and ran, unwilling to face the beast in battle. However, the Big Boss was made of sterner stuff and managed to grab the Stegadon by the neck with his Boss Klaw. Holding the Stegadon immobile for just a second, he bashed the beast over the head with his Smasha. The Stegadon reeled under the blow, its skull cracked, before the Brute with the Gore-Choppa carved a terrible wound in its flank.


Battle Round Two

Raising his huge Boss Choppa into the air, the Megaboss bellowed a mighty Waaagh!, galvanising his whole army. The Weirdnob Shaman got overexcited by this, and fumbled his casting of the Foot of Gork.


As one, the entire Ironjawz line surged forward, eager to get to grips with the Seraphon.


The Skinks were the first to suffer, and the units of both flanks were rushed by Ardboyz.


One unit of Skinks was utterly destroyed within seconds, their bodies winking out of existence, but the second managed to retreat into nearby woods before the Ardboyz could swing their weapons.


As the Stegadon fell to the attacks of the Brutes, more Brutes and Gore-Gruntas, led by the Megaboss, ploughed into the Saurus Warriors in the centre.


The shields of the Saurus Warriors proved little better defence than those of the Skinks as the Brutes cut through more than half of the unit. The rest fell to the wild swings of the Megaboss.

With momentum on their side the Ardboyz, Brutes and Megaboss continued to thunder forwards.


Seeing the Ironjawz starting to get a little too close for comfort, the Slann Starmaster covered his Saurus Guard with a Mystic Shield as the Terradons flew over the advancing Ardboyz and landed behind them in an effort to distract the Ironjawz. They dropped rocks as they flew, flattening two Ardboyz before the Orruks realised they were under attack.


Having seen their Skinks wiped out by the Ardboyz, nearby Saurus Warriors charged into the Ardboyz, determined to make them pay for every inch they advanced. However, while three Ardboyz were felled in their assault, forcing another two to run, it was the Saurus Warriors who paid dearly, with many falling to the weapons of the Orruks.

In the centre, the Slann Starmaster summoned a huge block of Saurus Warriors to hold the centre, and then sent his Saurus Guard forward to stymie the Ironjawz advance and, perhaps, kill the Megaboss.


Joined by the last Stegadon, the Saurus Guard charged into the Megaboss and Brutes supporting him, killing four of the Brutes instantly, though the Stegadon was badly wounded in the charge.


Battle Round Three

Maintaining his Mystic Shield upon the Saurus Guard, the Slann Starmaster also hurled an Arcane Bolt at the Brute Big Boss holding them up. With him out of the way, the Saurus Guard could now concentrate on the Megaboss alone.


Though his Boss Choppa dented the shields of the Saurus Guard, the Megaboss was quickly sporting many wounds and his swings became slower and less powerful.

Behind him, the Terradons had spied a likely target, the Weirdnob Shaman, and they swooped in for the kill, hurling javelins as they went.


The Weirdnob Shaman was badly hurt by these attacks but he flailed back with his staff, inadvertently catching one Terradon and smashing the life out of it.

The Stegadon swung ponderously around to join the Bastiladon as both massive beasts lumbered into the Ardboyz who had been killing Skinks and Saurus Warriors with equal ease. While a handful of Ardboyz were flattened by their attacks, the Stegadon was finally killed by their choppas.


The Weirdnob Shaman was far too distracted, even terrified, to cast any useful spells and instead ran from the Terradons as quickly as he could, racing for the protection of nearby Brutes.


However, the Brutes had other ideas than helping a loony Shaman. Seeing that their Megaboss was in trouble, they rushed forward alongside a single Gore-Grunta to save him from the Saurus Guard.


The Gore-Grunta was badly wounded, and though four of the Saurus Guard were mashed into the dirt by the Brutes, they were too slow to save their Megaboss. The celestial glaives of the Saurus Guard hacked through his armour until he fell to the ground and moved no more.

Just a short distance away, a swirling melee was fast developing between the newly summoned Saurus Warriors and the Ardboyz and Gore-Gruntas who were close to securing the entire left flank.


While the Saurus Warriors managed to bring down a Gore-Grunta, the weapons of the Ardboyz were telling, with many Seraphon falling in the first few seconds of the fight and the rest fleeing from battle.

Now, the only Seraphon unit holding the left flank were the Skinks hiding in the woods, hurling the occasional javelin at a passing Orruk.


Battle Round Four

Seeing there was now very little between himself and the oncoming Ironjawz, the Slann Starmaster’s eyes went wide with consternation, and his concentration shattered. The spells he had been preparing dissipated without effect.


Elsewhere, things were going no better for the Seraphon. The Bastiladon snorted and stamped at the Ardboyz surrounding it as its Skink crew tried to line up its Searing Beam, but only three Ardboyz were killed while its own wounds were beginning to tell.

The Weirdnob Shaman was still bedevilled by the Terradon riders, panicking as he desperately tried to hold them off. Their beaks sneaked forward and pecked the Shaman, leaving him covered in wounds but still alive.


Blasting one with an Arcane Bolt, the Weirdnob Shaman fled once more, running towards the rest of the Ironjawz who had now advanced far ahead.


Showing uncharacteristic discipline and tactical nous without the leadership of their Megaboss, the Ironjawz acted as one and broke from their battles with the Seraphon, racing past them at speed. The Slann Starmaster realised just how precarious his position was as the last two Gore-Gruntas galloped towards his hiding spot in the woods.


The Bastiladon was left completely wrong-footed as the Ardboyz it had been fighting ducked under its massive tail and sprinted past the beast, even as the Saurus Guard and Brutes pounded one another in the centre.


Battle Round Five

Continuing their headlong onslaught, the Ardboyz joined the Gore-Gruntas rushing past all the remaining defences of the Seraphon. Seeing the battle lost, the Slann Starmaster closed his eyes and disappeared, leaving the Ironjawz to their victory.




Well, their first outing and the Ironjawz get themselves a solid victory!

So, what did we make of them?

Ironjawz are hard! Their core troops, the Brutes, are extremely effective and the Boss Klaw carried by the Big Boss of the unit is fairly devastating – just that and the Gore-Choppa carried by one of the boyz nearly accounted for Stegadon in a single turn. As for the Gore-Gruntas, it may seem from this battle that they are not entirely awesome but they did not really get a good charge off, and the Skinks were extremely lucky in downing them with their javelins.

The real surprise though was the Ardboy units. These are the ‘little’ guys of the Ironjawz – but they probably killed more Seraphon than anyone else! We used units of 15 in this battle and were planning to put them in units of 20 later on. However, that may be overkill! A unit of 10 will do just fine on the battlefield and there may not be much that can stand up to an assault of 20 Ardboyz, particularly if they have the Megaboss close by to encourage them.

Could the Seraphon have done better? They were fairly spannered in the last couple of turns, with their shooting going completely awry and then the Slann Starmaster failing to cast a single spell – just one more unit of Saurus Warriors might have held up the advancing Ardboyz. The Ironjawz then getting a double turn sealed the fate of the Seraphon.

All in all, a fine start to the battle honours of the Ironjawz, and we are looking forward to seeing what else they can bring to the battlefield.


The Story Continues…

Having given the Seraphon a good duffin’, the Ironjawz will be staying in the Realm of Life as they pick a fight with the Sylvaneth in our next battle.


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  1. Caligari Says:

    Very nice battle report.

    I see you could not resist the wound markers “that look suspiciously like 1o sided dice” either!

    I am in awe about how you and your opponents can get so much painted up so quickly, then into battle. It takes me forever just to clean the mold lines on the new GW minis to my satisfaction.

  2. The Realmgate Wars – A Retrospective | A Tabletop Gamer's Diary Says:

    […] Headlong Onslaught The Skybashas tribe of Ironjawz had been having a lot of fun, rampaging through one side of the Realm of Life to the other – however, they had been halted by the World Chasm, the rift between Ghyran and Aqshy. The Seraphon had been hoping that, deprived of any more Sylvaneth to bash, the Ironjawz would turn upon themselves. Unfortunately, the Skybashas discovered the Silverglade Citadel, a massive tree-city that spanned the chasm, and so the Seraphon were forced to position an army to halt them. The Ironjawz did not care – they simply ploughed through the celestial line, barely slowing down… […]

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