Death on Wings

Been trying to get a few little bits and pieces sorted out before throwing myself properly into the Bonesplitterz and then the Christmas Project. This weekend, I managed to finish off four Morghasts I had been promising myself.


I had already done four Morghast Archai some time ago as part of Neferata’s Blood Court, and I kinda hummed and harred about doing the Harbingers. The final push was the Tornado of Destruction Battleplan (battle report coming soon!) which mentioned Morghasts but not which type. However, Archai really did not seem right for the battle (they are more bodyguards than assault skellies), so I eventually got some more Morghast sets and put them together.


For large models, Morghasts are surprisingly easy to paint. In fact, with just a few exceptions, they follow the same paint scheme as the Skeleton Warriors detailed in the Balance of Power book.

Start off with a Corax White undercoat, and then drown in Seraphim Sepia, Followed by a drybrush of Screaming Skull.

And that is about 80% of the model done right there!

The armour is a simple Naggaroth Night/Nuln Oil/Xerses Purple/Genestealer Purple scheme, with Balthasar/Agrax/Runefang trimmings.

The spirits (not forgetting those inside the rib cage) are Celestra Grey/Biel Tan Green/Ulthuan Grey/White Scar, while the leathery bits on the wings are Rhinox Hide/Nuln Oil/Gorthor Brown.

The final touch are the blades of the weapons, which are a simple Incubi Darkness/Kabilite Green/Sybarite Green.



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