Angels of Death

I finally finished three units of Prosecutors for the Stark Hammers, which nicely rounds off the Stormhost as a little self-contained force. The real driving factor was a couple of Battleplans in All-Gates which have multiple Prosecutors, one of them working in two teams – so having Prosecutors from two Stormhosts seemed a good way forward.


Oh, but they were a fair chore to do, and motivation was seriously flagging at one point. What should have been done two weekends ago was finally completed last night.


The pain in the rear end, I think, is the gold work, especially on the wings. There is just so much of it, and when it is multiplied by nine models… urk.

Might not be doing that again!


One thing I did take the opportunity to do was tool these guys up differently to the Prosecutors from the Hallowed Knights. We have a bit of a running joke in our games that while the text says that Prosecutors are geared up for ‘brutal melee’, in practice they just aren’t.

So I have tried to fix that with these guys (I think to do it properly, you need units of at least 5, but I am not painting any more of these chaps any time soon!).


Two of the units are armed with hammers (the reverse of the Hallowed Knights, where two of the units are armed with javelins) and, more importantly, there are Grand Hammers in the units and they have been given to the Primes for the extra attack – three attacks at Rend -1 with Damage 2 will give Prosecutors a decent punch and should at least worry enemy Heroes.

Anyway, that is enough of Stormcasts for now – onwards with Bonesplitterz and building models for the Christmas Project!


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