I Have a Dream…

Ever since the General’s Handbook arrived, there have been a fair few Matched Play tournaments organised round the country (going to the Battle Brothers event myself at Warhammer World this weekend). Of late, however, there have been mutterings and stirrings more narrative-based events, with the RAW16 event in particular being suitably imaginative.

This got me thinking…

We have a number of tables set up here, all with different terrain that can represent different realms, and we have run events here before, for many different games.

I started thinking about an event (probably a one day event) based around a single Battleplan – but the Battleplan would cover multiple tables, and each table would have is own Time of War sheet (covering rules of the Realm it represented, plus anything special).

Players would divide into teams, probably based around the Grand Alliances (if we did not have many players, small Grand Alliances can be moved to support two larger ones). Each player has a small force, perhaps 500-750 points, or the equivalent.

The Battleplan would revolve around fortresses belonging to each Grand Alliance, which their enemies need to capture. However, to get into the fortresses, each side has to accomplish a task on a different table (the destroying the Rebel shield generators approach). There would also be ‘side quests’ that will grant new units and artefacts that will make each alliances’ job easier.

Turns would be synchronised across all tables, and players could bounce their armies across Realmgates to different tables as and when they saw fit (got an idea that maybe they could just send a portion of their force to a table, but if they are not present when a phase is complete, their models do not do anything!).

If a force get wiped out, the player goes back to his starting location and starts hopping about again (maybe with a completely different force, though they should probably stick to the same alliance).

The winners are decided by who takes the highest number of fortresses, so each team has to think about defence as well as attack, and not just on their own fortresses but also tables that are strengthening them.

A further idea was to do away with points altogether and set model or wound limits, but encourage ‘fluffy’ forces. People could bring their tournament-based killer lists, by all means, but they would be subjected to the Eye of the Gods – basically, the organiser (that would be me) wandering around the table dispensing special rules at random that would either hinder them or help their enemies. Now, this event is designed to be fun and narrative, not ‘fair’by any means. All players should expect to get shafted at some point (ahem, I mean, beset by adversity and then overcome), but the cock forces would get targeted more than most, and more severely.

This event would, I think, be chaotic to the extreme, with small forces bouncing around the tables with abandon, as others scream for reinforcements when they realise just how large their enemies’ armies actually are – the fortresses would have an ‘instant recall’ Realmgate to bring defenders in quickly (maybe one army per round?), but no other tables would have that so the Realmgates would be key (and maybe not all that reliable, especially if you have brought a cock force…).

Maybe something to ponder for the new year…



3 Responses to “I Have a Dream…”

  1. angrywarlockgaming Says:

    That sounds absolutely awesome! If you actually start working on rules, please post them on this blog, would love to read your progress!

  2. Joel Eddy Says:

    Sounds rad. Hold my drink whilst I move to the UK.

  3. Matt Sheret Says:

    That sounds great! This is the bit of hobby stuff I want to start poking into a little bit next year.

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