Bonesplitterz Arrive En Masse

I haven’t managed to get a huge amount painted of late, mainly because I have been prepping miniatures for the Christmas Project (the numbers of which are beginning to get a little daunting, but best foot forward!).

This weekend, I did manage to get a goodly lot of the Bonesplitterz done, enough to make a convincing show of force at least.


With these, the Brutal and Teef Rukks are done, and the Kunnin’ Rukk is well on its way.

The leadership of the Bonesplitterz is well on its way too, with just the Maniak Weirdnobs to go. My favourite is, of course, the Wurrgog Prophet, an utterly mad Orruk whom the others simply assume is in touch with their god.


And you have to love the Big Stabbas, little groups of Bonesplitterz who rush forward to impale the biggest monster they can find!


You always need more boyz, of course, and another unit really begins to flesh the army out. I am sticking with common war-paint and using red as a spot colour. The standards get slightly different paint schemes to distinguish units.


Finally, the first of the Boarboyz, riding their piggies into war.


These are probably the quickest models to paint, incidentally, as the riders have a tad less detail on them than the infantry, and the pigs are very quick to do (Mournfang base with Tyrant Skull drybrush, finished with an all-over Agrax wash gets 90% of the pig done).

On my painting table right now are twenty Maniak Boarboyz and four Maniak Weirdboys, which will complete all the cavalry for the Bonesplitterz, and them I just have a unit of Arrow Boyz and Morboyz to do, and then I am calling the force finished (for now) before diving into the Christmas Project.


2 Responses to “Bonesplitterz Arrive En Masse”

  1. Marc Says:

    your painting productivity still amazes and baffles me!

  2. Taoist-Water Says:

    Top work. Provides much inspiration. I get distracted easily from painting to assembling to painting to converting. Mad props mate. Keep.ot up!

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