Preview – Disciples of Tzeentch

Well, the new Warhammer TV channel on Twitch has just done its preview of the next Battletome to come out for Age of Sigmar and… it looks very good, actually!


The first thing to note – yes, that is a Lord of Change on the front cover.

OMG, plastic LOC confirmed!

This looks like it is going to be one of the meatier Battletomes so far, weighing in at 136 pages and, apparently, about half of the book is dedicated to rules – not just Warscrolls (many of which look like they are going to be brand new, more on that in a bit) and Battleplans as before, but rules for Matched Play (including points, they will be in the book too, no waiting for General’s Handbook 2) and Narrative Play (yay!).

An example of this was previewed, with Tzeentchian tables for the Path to Glory campaign.


And already we can see some new goodies popping up, such as the Tzaangor Shaman and Tzaangor Enlightened…

The central thrust of this book is that it is not Battletome: Arcanites, but a Battletome for every force based around the Keyword Tzeentch. So, you will find a happy hunting ground here for not only Arcanites but also Tzeentch Daemons and Slaves to Darkness/mortal forces that are using the Tzeentch Keyword.

Basically, if you are even slightly interested in Tzeentch, this is going to be the book for you…

We had a quick peek at the Traits for Tzeentch forces too…


… which have brought Destiny Dice into Age of Sigmar! In a nutshell, you roll nine dice at the start of the battle and can substitute them for dice rolls throughout the game, guaranteeing a spell, charge, or attack goes off just when you need it.

Command Traits, as you can see, are split between Daemon, Arcanite and Mortal, meaning you won’t just have A N Other Tzeentch forces, but can personalise them at a more fundamental level, which is nice to see as it means not all Tzeentch armies on the table will all be the same.


The first three traits on the tables are (more or less) the same (everything is Tzeentch after all, but it looks like the bottom half of the tables get more specific.

And then there are the spells.

Tzeentch forces will have access to two new Lores, the Lore of Fate (for everyone) and the Lore of Change (for Daemons). The Gaunt Summoner, notably, has access to both Lores, making him a very flexible spellcaster now – expect to see more of him on competitive table tops!

In fact, given that many Tzeentch units are spellcasters, this spread will make Tzeentch armies very powerful spellcasters in the hero phase, even (or especially) when the Rule of One is in effect. And, of course, what does not evaporate in the hero phase from spells will get blown away by magical fire in the shooting phase.

It looks like Tzeentch just got very powerful on the tabletop…

Some artwork was previewed as well, such as this piece with a Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord fighting a Battlemage:


And Horrors giving the Ironjawz a good bashing (or it may be the other way round):


There was also the tiniest of peeks on Warscroll Battalions:


And one for Daemons:


And I think everyone has seen this already, one of the new models:


What you might not have seen yet is the Warscroll for this beastie:


Some of the week’s earlier previews also had Tzaangors floating about on discs in the far background. Those are most certainly a thing:


Check out that bow…

That was about all we gleaned for the new Battletome, but there were some the bits and pieces about what is coming afterwards.


The Future of Age of Sigmar

First up, this Battletome marks the start of Tzeentch’s big push into the Mortal Realms. Up to now, Khorne and Nurgle have been the main powers of Chaos making their play, but Tzeentch (we can now see) has been working hard in the background, getting all his plans together. 2017 sees the forces of Tzeentch make their move.

To begin with, this will mean a multi-week release for Tzeentch. We are not just getting the odd Tzaangor and Acolyte but several new units (including, surely, a Lord of Change, though this was not confirmed – but come on, there is a huge one on the front cover of this book!).

Oh, our poor wallets.

However, I also very much got the impression that the campaign books (presuming they are still part of the picture) will have a Tzeentch focus, as the Realmgate Wars stayed close to Khorne and Nurgle.

There was also a note that in Age of Sigmar material in 2017 we will see a lot more information about how the Mortal Realms work and the ‘normal’ settlements and peoples present (cities and markets were mentioned).

Make of that what you will.

Anyway, a big thumbs up to Warhammer TV – this was exactly how to handle a preview like this; show some goodies, make a big hint about something else (Lord of Change), and then tell us to wait just a short while for everything else.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to be making sure that I have enough blue paints for the New Year!


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