Warscroll – Giant Spined Chaos Beast

Just a quick post, as some people have been asking for this – the Warscroll we have been using for the Giant Spined Chaos Beast…


Forge World does this model but they don’t seem to have done a Warscroll for it (there is a link, but it just points to the Beast of Nurgle, which is just not a good fit – I have emailed them about this but it is still not fixed). Still, Forge World’s omission is our opportunity, so I put together a suitable Warscroll:

Giant Spined Chaos Beast

The background fluff for this beastie (drawn from the old Storm of Magic book) suggests it is a (very) heavily mutated Chaos Warhound, so I gave it the same Outrunner rule as the dogs (it is very fast!).

The special rules in Fantasy Battle also had it regenerating and dishing out extra wounds with its spikes, so I simply AoS’d them, and did a quick monster damage table.


Incidentally, if you want to make your own Warscrolls, there is a simply yet very effective generator that will do everything you need at Warscroll Designer.


7 Responses to “Warscroll – Giant Spined Chaos Beast”

  1. Peachy and Danny Says:

    Thanks for this, and also for the link to the Warscroll Designer – very useful.

  2. Phil Says:

    I really like the warscroll, It resembles well the use that such a creature would have in a chaos army.
    Have you come up with a suitable point cost to use it in pitched battle games?
    Thank you for sharing your work!

    • altsain Says:

      Sorry, we don’t do much Matched Play 🙂

      • Phil Says:

        Did forgeworld ever get back to your email about it? I emailed them as well, i noticed they removed the “Beast of Nurgle” warscroll from the product page, maybe we will see the real deal somewhere in the future, though your version is quite fitting as well!
        Best regards!

  3. altsain Says:

    No, they never got back to me,. Will be interested to see what they come up with!

  4. Hagen Pinxit Says:

    As usual aos stealsw models from the original Warhammer.

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