The Christmas Project is well under way (a little behind schedule, but we’ll gloss over that for now – still another week to catch up), but there is one bit of good news – the Bonesplitterz are ‘finished’.


This little group represents the last of the units I had originally envisaged to do for the tribe. Granted, there is lots more I could add (more Arrow Boyz for a start, if I were playing competitively – which I have no intention of doing so with the Bonesplitterz, at least for the foreseeable future), but I now have enough for all the campaign battles planned for them.


Two units of Maniak Boarboyz were done first, making for a total of thirty piggies across the tribe. Curiously, these were perhaps the easiest and quickest models to do in the entire army – while the pigs are an obvious addition, they are really simple to do (the fur is just a Mournfang Brown base with Tyrant Skull drybrush, topped with Agrax Earthshade, then you just have to do their faces and tusks), and the riders themselves have less detail in the way of leather, straps and bone. You could punch out a great many of these over an industrious weekend…


Joining the piggie riders are the Maniak Weirdnobs. A little less happy with these, as all four are in the same pose, though they have a little less detail (complications) on them than you may think. Still, grateful that I won’t have to do any more of these…

More infantry appeared in the form of a unit of Morboys.


While my first unit of Savage Orruks were a noticeably slow affair (planning your approach to the order in which you do the straps, hide and bone is key), once you have a rhythm down Bonesplitterz are super fast to get through, and I did these Morboyz alongside other units.


Arrowboyz have a certain reputation in Bonesplitterz forces, but I kept things groovy by just having a single unit of 20. If I ever look ‘seriously’ at Bonesplitterz (for tournament or campaign use), then this is the first unit to get bumped up to 30 but, for now, they will serve well.

And that is it for the Bonesplitterz! 80 infantry, 30 piggies, and a smattering of characters.

Next up, the Beastclaw Raiders!